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Join the Friends of the Library and Help The Library -    1-17-17

Joining the Friends of the Hampstead Public Library doesn't commit you to actually doing anything unless you want to. All you have to do to join is pay the very minimal dues of $5.00 per person per year. If you or your spouse or your kids or your parents or your friends use the library this tiny little amount will help the Friends in their efforts to support the library.

The Friends do so many different things to make your hometown library better than it would be if it had to rely solely on what the town budget allots. Without the Friends there wouldn't be museum passes that reduce to cost of taking your family to the Children's Museum or the the Aquarium or the MFA or several other places of interest. The Friends purchased the very first public computers for the library. The Summer Reading Program that involves literally hundreds of kids summer after summer has been supported by the Friends for years. The newer Spring Read and Adult Summer programs have had funding from the Friends. Every month from September to April the Friends bring a different free program to the town.

If you or some one you know has a heart attack while in the library there is an AED and a staff member trained in its use and in CPR thanks to the Friends. Do you know there's a telescope you could borrow from the library thanks to the Friends? Have you seen the wonderful electronic sign on the library lawn that keeps the town informed about what's happening at the library? The Friends purchased that sign. And there's more that the Friends have done for the library over the 50 plus years the organization has been in existence.

But the Friends can't do all of these things to support your public library without help. The dues that individuals pay help. Besides those, there are also business memberships and corporate memberships at slightly higher rates than the individual one. The fund raising activities put on by the Friends are essential to the success of the group. Participation in the various fund raising activities is purely voluntary but it's also a lot of fun for those who take part. The bake sale has been the latest effort in the fundraising arsenal. The raffle baskets that appear every month on the front desk are another way the Friends raise money to support the library.

Right now the Friends are looking for an energetic person to take over the position of program coordinator. This is the person who chooses, with help from the membership, the various and varied speakers and performers who come to town every month to entertain and educate all of us. If you're interested in tackling this very important job please email the Friends at or call the Friends at the library 329-6411 and leave a message with the library staff member. Step up by joining the Friends and helping them help your library.

Library Programs are updated twice a month. Most if not all of the programs from the libraries are open to the general public, not just the residents of that town. Be sure to visit each libraries programs page so that you don't miss out on a great program each week.

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