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Hampstead Public Library Will Reopen in Phases    5-5-20

In recent days, the number one question asked of Hampstead Public Library staff is “When will you open?” The Library continues to follow the state guidelines and comply with Governor Sununu’s Stay at Home Order. Therefore, the building remains closed to the public at this time.

“Your Library team is hard at work providing you with online resources, reference help, and virtual programming,” said Director Rosemary Krol. “They are also working on a plan to reopen the library building, and it will go into effect when the Stay at Home Order is lifted.”

The Library Trustees approved of Director Rosemary Krol's Phased Plan for Increased Services although there is no timeline for moving to the next phase., that will be based on the current COVID-19 circumstances and State guidelines. If and when the library reopens to the public if patrons don't adhere to the rules and guidelines the library may have to step back a phase.      

We are starting Phase 1 on June 1st. Patrons can return materials currently checked out - this is expected to last a week.      

  Phase 2 is zero contact curbside delivery of materials with pick-updays Tuesday and Thursday and the staff divided into two teams. This phase may last for sometime.Much like other businesses, patrons will pick up items outside the building when they are ready.   

     Phase 3 would be access to the building by appointment only - but Krol indicated that Phases 3,4, and 5 have no specific details worked out as yet. The thinking is Phase 3 is dependent upon the State Guidelines and the Governor's decisions. 

The Trustees accepted the Phased Plan for Increased Services.

“Our main concern when starting in-person services is the safety of our patrons and of the Library team. We will do whatever is needed to ensure that the plan takes that into consideration first and foremost,” said Krol.

Many guidelines need to be met before phase three, when patrons are allowed back in the building. Social distancing is important to the new arrangements. The staff is also working to secure PPE (personal protective equipment) and appropriate cleaning materials, all of which are in short supply. The goal is to have enough of these items on hand, so that once opened, the Library can continue with uninterrupted service. At the start of phase three, it is likely the open-hours will be different and there will be a limited number of people allowed inside at a time.
The staff strives to safely provide patrons with the services they need. That includes a Summer Reading program based on a virtual model with take-home activities. No events will take place in the building over the summer. Hopefully, the Library can return to indoor programs in the fall, when large groups may be permitted to gather.

“We continue to monitor the situation, adjust procedures when guidelines change, and always keep the safety of the public and Library team paramount in our plans,” said Krol. “We’ll provide the community with more detailed information about the phased reopening as we get closer to implementation.”

In the meantime, the Hampstead Library team has been working hard on a new website. The project began last fall and it is now complete! The goal is to provide visitors with a more user-friendly visually-pleasing experience. The homepage highlights services and programs, and provides easy drop-down menus for finding things to borrow, download, and learn. Please go to www.HampsteadLibrary.org and explore the new website (goes live May 14.) Comments, questions, and requests for assistance are welcome, and may be sent to circulation@HampsteadLibrary.org .

The Trustees approved the Hampstead Public Library Pandemic Policy and reviewed the Hampstead Public Library Employee COVID-19 Illness Policy, reading it into the record and they will approve this at their June meeting.   

Closed for Now    4-6-20

In keeping with the advice of the American, the New England, and the New Hampshire Library Associations, as well as the Governor’s Stay at Home Order, the Hampstead Public Library will remain closed to the public. Thus, April and early May meetings and events are cancelled. As for items checked-out, patrons should keep the materials for now, because the book drop is closed. No late fees will be generated during this time. Please consider following the Library on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HampsteadNHLibrary) for more news.

Virtual Storytime
Hampstead Public Library Youth Services Librarian Devin has been recording Storytime and releasing the videos on Facebook three times a week. In addition, links to the videos can also be found on the Ongoing Kids’ Programs page (Kids Homepage) on www.HampsteadLibrary.org.  Children and parents who miss the classes at the Library can now see Miss Devin online!

Virtual Peeps Diorama Contest
For the Second Annual Peeps Diorama Contest, the Hampstead Public Library is going virtual! Participants are invited to submit pictures of their creation via email to dvancuren@HampsteadLibrary.org. Rules and details are available on www.HampsteadLibrary.org, as well as in a Facebook Event on the Library’s page. If you wish to participate but don’t have access to Peeps, we will accept a picture or drawing of a Peep in the diorama. Get creative Hampstead! Show us the Peepy world you can make with the materials you have at home! A link to online voting will be released later in April, so that people can vote for their favorites.

Download Books
The NH Downloadable Books Consortium has added hundreds of titles in recent weeks. There are ebooks and audiobooks for children and adults. They can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone with Overdrive and the Libby app. Now Overdrive’s new Deliver Later feature can help you manage your reserves better. For example, if you’re not ready for a book when it becomes available, choose the Deliver Later option. The title will go to the next waiting patron, but you won’t lose your place in line. When you pick Deliver Later, you’ll choose the earliest date you’d like to receive the title. Need help with downloading books or have questions about this new feature, email circulation@HampsteadLibrary.org.

Get a Library Card
If you live or work in Hampstead and don’t have a library card or you need to renew your card, then email circulation@HampsteadLibrary.org or call 603/329-6411 and leave a message to find out how to accomplish this. The Library staff can remotely activate and renew library cards. The library card will get you free access to digital downloads and other online services. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email, phone, or Facebook message your librarians.              

Museum Passes
At the time this article is being written, all museums, for which the Hampstead Public Library has passes, are currently closed with the exception of America’s Stonehenge. The Hampstead Public Library can now offer email delivery of the pass to cardholders. Use the Library’s Tixkeeper system (access via www.HampsteadLibrary.org) and try to make your pass reservation a few days in advance.

Allow up to 48-hours (although turnaround-time may be considerably less) to receive an email with your dated pass. Please check the America’s Stonehenge website ( www.stonehengeusa.com) before you go, as their open status is subject to change. Questions about museum passes may be directed to jarden@HampsteadLibrary.org .

Friends of the Hampstead Public Library
The Friends of the Hampstead Public Library have cancelled all their regular monthly programs through the summer, including the Potluck Supper. They hope to open their 2020/2021 season in September, with a visit from television personality/journalist Ted Reinstein.
            Following the Stay at Home Order, the Elaine David Thrift Shop at the Library is closed for the time being. They hope to reopen this summer with a fresh selection of summer clothing and accessories.  No donations are being accepted at this time.


Contact: Janet Arden    
Adult Programing & Publicity Coordinator
Hampstead Public Library
9 Mary E. Clark Drive, Hampstead
(603) 329-6411
email: jarden@hampsteadlibrary.org
Website: Hampstead Public Library

For more information call : 329-6411.






























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