Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning News
"My Town, Your Town, Our Town"
September 13 through September 21st, 2014

250th Raymond NH Anniversary Celebration Minutes of May 28, 2014
submitted Sandra Lee Ellis

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Wayne Welch at 8:00 am in Torrent Hall.   The following people were in attendance: Mrs. Sandra Lee Ellis, Mr. Don Tenny, Mr. David Hoelzel Sr. Mr. Craig Wheeler, Mr. Tim Louis, Mrs. Peg Louis, Mrs. Karen Tenny, Ms. Judy Maynard, Ms. Cheryl Killam, Mr. Kerry Pratt, Mr. Steve Welch, Ms. Bev Welch, Ms. Judy Maynard, Mr. Ed French, Mrs. Arlene French, Mr. Tona McCarthy, Pauline Gordon, Ms. Shannon Reddy-Hughes, and Mr. Joe Cowan.  

Business:  Mr. Wayne Welch opened the meeting at 7:01 pm.

Mr. Wheeler gave us a print out of the funds we have at this time.  Collected $27,805.93 and spent $13,133.99.  There was a question about pledges and ads and when they should stop collecting them.  There was no decision made at this time.

Mr. W. Welch gave out a calendar and it was reviewed by the committee.  There were a few changes made and it will be updated. Mr. McCarthy stated his Non_Rock football group will get a football game going on Sat during the 250th.

Mr. Tenny informed the committee the parade is coming along. But we need a grand marshall, parade marshalls, and master of ceremonies.  This will be discussed further. 

Mrs. Tenny informed us a vendor from out of state has asked to come and sell items at the parade.  After discussion it was the consensus that we do not have vendors at the parade.

Mr. Pratt said he still hasn’t heard from the 2 groups that will give us there answer about being in our parade 60 days before the parade.  He is trying to get a team of motorcycles but at this point from this group he has 2.  He discussed about the banner to be hung across Epping Street.  It was the consensus that this be put up before the 4th of July parade to inform the people when the 250th is.  Talked about buntings and if we are going to have and where we will put them around town.   There will be more discussion on this.

Mr. Louis informed us the 250th license plate will be in very shortly and the committee agreed to sell them at $15.00 each.   Mrs. Ellis said she would ask the school to sell them at open house and book bash if the superintendent would allow it.  Energy raffle is not going as well as planned.  The have sold enough for the drawing there will be more discussion on this.

Mr. French informed us on how the food committee is going for after the parade.  He reviewed the menu, donations and went over some questions that their committee had for the 250th committee

Mrs. Ellis stated the FEAT is excited that this committee will include them in the 250th.  They are working on getting readers.
Mr. Steve Welch stated Atlas Fireworks, the fireworks company we will be using, needs to know what type of fireworks we want and where are we letting them off.
There will be more discussion at our next meeting.

Mrs. Tenny informed us she now has 10 people on the ball committee.  She wants to give all attendees a wine glass with our emblem on it and sell the other.  She needs 300 glasses 200 given away and 100 sold therefore needs $619.23 for the expense.  Mr. French moved seconded by Mr. Louis to spend $619.23 for the glasses. The vote was unanimous. 

Mrs. Tenny feels we need some kind of fund raiser.

Ms. Killam discussed the souvenir booklet and they need a date to stop excepting ads/pledges etc. so the book can go to print.  A motion was made, moved by Mr. Tenny, seconded by Mr. French to set the date for no more ads/pledges etc. for the souvenir book as July 25, 2014.  The vote was unanimous.  As far as the number of books it will be discussed later.

Ms. Hughes was introduced to the committee and she offered her help in anyway.

Mrs. Gordon said she was pleased with the article of 250th in “On the Common”.

Adjournment:  Mr. Wheeler moved, seconded by Mr. French to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Next meeting Saturday June 28th @ 8:00 am Torrent Hall.

250th Raymond NH Anniversary Celebration Minutes of April 23, 2014
submitted Sandra Lee Ellis

Attendance: The meeting was called to order by Mr. Wayne Welch at 7:03 pm in Torrent Hall.   The following people were in attendance: Mrs. Sandra Lee Ellis, Mr. Don Tenny, Mr. David Hoelzel Sr. Mr. Craig Wheeler, Mrs. Joyce Wood, Mrs. Donna Wheeler, Mr. Chris Mataragas,  Mrs. Karen Tenny, Ms. Cheryl Killam, Mr. Steve Welch, Mr. Ed French, Mrs. Arlene French, Mrs. Pauline Gordon, Ms. Kim Tyndall, Mr. Tona McCarthy, Ms. Christina Sapp, Ms. Mary Ellen Molton, and Mrs.  Kathy McDonald.

Business:  Mr. Wheeler reviewed the finances with the committee.  As of February 23 2014 we have collected $24,160.00 and spent $13,104.99. 

Mr. Tenny informed us that he has sent out 25 mailers for the parade to businesses and organizations.  Ms. Moulton from Zion Camp offered any help she could from the groups that come to camp in the summer to get ready for the celebration in September.  They will clean up areas that need to be cleaned up.  Mr. Welch appreciated the help and said they will keep in contact.

Mrs. Ellis asked the committee that on the Thursday of the celebration, September 18th, if the Raymond schools Family Engagement Action Team, FEAT, could do their annual “Book Bash” at the Elementary School”.  She explained what it was all about and a motion was made.
Motion:  Mr. Wheeler made a motion to hold FEAT “Book Bash” on September 18, 2014 from 6:00 – 7:30 at the Elementary School during the 250th Celebration. Seconded by Mrs. French and the motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. Wood stated the historical society needs some help.  If anyone can help give her a call. Mr. Wayne Welch asked about Fulton’s History reprint.  Mrs. Wood stated she would try to find out what she could.  If anyone can help please let us know where we can get some.

Mr. French gave us an update about his latest food sub-committee meeting on 4/4/2014.   He reviewed old business with the committee such as food, beverages, food layout (cooking, serving, eating areas).  One of the concerns was tables and chairs for the people eating.

Mrs. Gordon stated we need to get information in the next “On the Common” about the 250th and what is going on.  That a calendar of events of what we have going on.

Ms. Tyndall stated she had an article going in NH Magazine and that she is looking for parade pictures of the past parades we have had.  She will continue to work on the calendar of our events that goes all over the state.    She made these suggestions: age group pictures – 1 from each age groups and Guinness book of record title it Raymond’s Record.

Mr. Steve Welch informed us he can get staging from UNH for a cost.  Mr. McCarthy said he thinks he can get some staging from the football field, he will check into it.  It was stated we possibly can us the staging from the Raymond Schools.

Mrs. McDonald told us she is going strong with the Chili Cook Off at the Historical Society.

Mr. McCarthy stated he would like to something at the fields for a day or certain amount of time during the day, he stated like flag football or a baseball game.  He would like to do it on Saturday the 20th of September.

 Mr. Wayne Welch promised a calendar of events at our next meeting so we will know what is going on when and where. 

Ms. Killam stated the Riverside Committee is going to be doing a Pie Tasting and the Raymond Voter Information will do a program Monday the 15th.  They hope to use the HS.

Mrs. Ellis gave Ms. Killam the papers done by the Elementary school students.

Banners: After some discussion on the size etc. there will be more at our next meeting.

Mrs. Tenny informed us the ball is on September 21, 2014 at the Granite Rose from 4:00 to 9:30.  She informed us the bands cost is approximately $1800.00, tickets and printing is about $300.00.  She brought the suggestion of buying wine glasses for each person who attends.  These glasses would have the logo on it and have some extra if they would like to buy a second.   She stated she is trying to get sponsors to help defray the cost of the evening.    Motion was made: moved Mrs. Gordon to charge $40.00 per person and $75.00 per couple. The vote was unanimous.

Mr. Hoelzel informed us that it is hard to get the businesses in with us. Concerned if we don’t get their money soon the souvenir book won’t get down on time so we discussed an addendum.   Should we set up areas during the 4th of July parade and Town Fair to sell our 250th items?  

It was asked if anyone can help with a set-up at the Earth Day cerebration for selling 250th items.

Mr. Welch informed us the license plate are coming along and that we have to push the raffle tickets so we get the first 1000 tickets sold and have a drawing.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:14 pm.   Next meeting is May 28, 7 pm at Torrent Hall.


Join Us To Make The 250th Anniversary Parade Spectacular
Submitted by Don Tenney 4-14-14

As you may know, the town of Raymond will be celebrating its 250th anniversary this year. This is an exciting time within our community as many programs and events are in the planning stages. One of these very special events is a parade that will take place on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 1:00 pm. The town of Raymond and its 250th Anniversary committee would like to invite you to participate!

We are extending this invitation to all local businesses, churches, schools, clubs, civic groups and neighborhood families who are proud members of our community. We are excited to already have a variety of organizations involved, including the nationally - recognized Londonderry Lancer Marching Banch, Stuart Highlanders Pipe Band, Muchacho Drum and Bugle Corps, and many others!

We hope your organization will join the festivities, as your contributions are what make Raymond so special. Big or little, your participation is greatly appreciated!

Please download and print the 250th Anniversary Parade Rules & Application. Fill out the application and return it as soon as possible so that our parade committee can make the necessary plans. We look forward to hearing from you.

Increased Ad Sizes in the 250th Anniversary Souvenir Book
By Cheryl Killam 3-22-14

There was another discussion at the last meeting about simplifying the Donation and Ad selections.

That means the Ad size will increase again in the Souvenir book so that  advertisers get larger ads for their money. The committee agreed unanimously.

250th Raymond NH Anniversary Celebration Meeting on Mar. 15, 2014
submitted by Sandra Lee Ellis 3-22-14

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Wayne Welch at 8:00 in Torrent Hall.   The following people were in attendance: Mrs. Sandra Lee Ellis, Mr. Don Tenny,  Mr. Craig Wheeler, Mr. Tim Louis, Mrs. Karen Tenny, Ms. Cheryl Killam, Mrs. Sandra Ellis, Ms. Kim Tyndall, Mrs. Pauline Gordon, Mrs. Arlene French, Mr. Edward French, and Mr. Steve Welch.   

Business: Mr. Welch asked the members where we stood on the different items going on.
Mrs. Tenny stated the Dr. Steve Show was on this evening, sold 114 tickets pre sales tickets bringing in $1368.00. In evening they are going to do a 50-50 and sell water for a $1.00 a bottle.

Ms. Killam: She discussed about email addresses for all businesses in the souvenir book.  It was brought to her attention that prices are a little too high. After discussion we felt we would further discuss it when Mr.Hoelzel was available to attend the meeting because he has collected some and has a contract for an ad from others.  It was suggested to have the churches names with what they served for gathering after the parade in the book.

Mr. French: Had a meeting with all the churches to continue the discussion on food.  Hannaford is interested in support for the 250th.  Besides meals there will be desserts made also.  It was discussed that at our next meeting we get a picture of the center of town so we can look at placing of the food etc.  There were concerns about will there be a fire hose(s) connected and available in the downtown area? Will there be adequate electrical connections? Where will the porta-potties be located? Will the banks be closed on that Sat. (13th)?
Their next meeting is April 14.

Mr. Brown:  Informed the committee he has already started writing the 250th book.  Mrs. Ellis is going to email the items about the school to Mr. Brown.

Mr. Louis:  Mr. Louis stated that Mr. and Mrs. Tenny sold over $500.00 on Election Day.  There has been 200 more cookbooks ordered.

Mr. Wheeler: Stated there is $12,604.00 in the 250th account and all bills are paid.

Mr. Tenny: showed the Fremont 250th plate for the car and Mr. Louis stated he would get hold of the person involved with it.

A motion moved by Ms. Killam, seconded by Mr. Wheeler for Mr. Louis to check this out with the state and if it was possible move with it and order plates.  The vote was unanimous.

Mr. Tenny also discussed about rules and regulations that have to do with parades.  He said he would look up some information and put some ideas together.

Discussion on getting information out to the public. Peeps Diorama was brought forward, flyer with a schedule of events, and reader board were discussed.  Ms. Tyndall stated she is posting articles and talking with some of our state magazines to see if we can put information in their magazines.

Next meeting:   Wednesday April 23, 2014 at Torrent Hall 7:00 pm.  

Mr. Welch adjourned the meeting at 9:32 am.

250th Raymond NH Anniversary Celebration Meeting on Feb. 22, 2014
Submitted by Sandra Lee Ellis

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Wayne Welch at 8:00am in Torrent Hall.   The following people were in attendance: Mrs. Sandra Lee Ellis, Mr. Craig Wheeler, Mrs. Joyce Wood, Mrs. Donna Wheeler, Mr. Chris Mataragas, Kerry Pratt, Ms. Kim Tyndall Mr. Tim Louis, Mr. Steve Welch, Mr. Jason Grant, Mr. Nick Longo, Mr. Edward and Mrs. Arlene French, Mrs. Pauline Gordon, and Mr. Adam Houston.   

Business: Mr. Welch asked if everyone received the minutes of the last meeting and are they all set.   Mr. Welch asked everyone what information they have for the committee. 

  Mr. French explained his meeting with the steering committee from the churches of Raymond.  The churches will be the group that is having cook outs after the parade on our first day.  Each of the churches will be offering something different.  There possibly will be a small fee to help pay their expenses.  They will be meeting again in March to discuss this further.  

Mr. Louis informed us items are being sold and we have about $20,000.00 revenue in the bank and at this point our expenses are about $8,300.00.  Mr. Louis has asked if anyone that is selling items and has any money to get it to Linda Hoelzel at the library so it can be put the bank.  Please if anyone has any money or items that aren’t selling please return them so we can get them sold.

Mr. Welch stated one item we have to get updated is our calendar and what is going on when and where.   This way we can promote our 250th events with the public.  It was asked about voting day in Raymond and how we are going to get the message out on our article for the $50,000.00.  It was approved to get some signs made but not spend over $100.00.  These signs placed around town and then held at the polls.  Ms. Tyndell stated Ms. Cheryl Killam can get info out through the web.  Letters should be sent to the editor all about the article to support on voting day. 

Mrs. Ellis asked what is exactly in our account and what are we spending it on.  Mr. Welch said we would get an update on funds etc. at our next meeting.

Jason Grant from the Raymond Fire Department explained what their plans were for the September 14th.  Some of the items are as follows: pancake breakfast, different displays all day long for both adults and children and a chili lunch.

Mr. Steve Welch stated the Masonic Hall was going to have a speaker during the week and he will get the final information to us for the calendar.

Mrs. Wood stated the historical society the Book Sharp Shooter will be read during our celebration.

Mr. Kerry Pratt has informed us that Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle have a commitment the same day as our parade and will not be able to attend.  Spartans of Nashua will be sending us 50 members.

A discussion on having a bill board made with the information of our items for the 250th.  Mr. Wheeler is going to check on this to see if there are any rules and regulations on putting one up.

Mrs. Gordon wants us to get more of the word out to our employees and get them to the meetings. It seems they don’t seem to know what is exactly going on.  Also there are only 70 cookbooks left and another 200 have been ordered.

Mr. Louis informed us of ideas Mrs. Peg Louis would like to see happen to spread the word of the 250th.  In April have peeps show, May an Ice Cream Social, and August build Historical Characters around town.

Next Meeting is March 15 2014 at 8 am at Torrent Hall.    PLEASE BRING ANY ITEMS YOU HAVE OR THE MONEY THAT YOU HAVE COLLECTED FOR ITEMS YOU HAVE SOLD.   Per order of Mr. Louis.

Meeting adjourned at 9:33 am.

Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning Meeting on January 9, 2014
By Cheryl Killam 2-3-14

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Wayne Welch at 7pm at Torrent Hall.  In attendance were: Wayne Welch, Tim Louis, David Hoelzel Sr,  Don Tenney, Karen Tenney, Kerry Pratt, Arlene French, Ed French, Donna Wheeler,  Joyce Wood, Judy Maynard and Cheryl Killam.

Wayne Welch  reviewed the warrant article that was brought to the selectmen in hopes that the town supports our fund raising efforts to provide a great 250th Celebration week including a grand parade, Chicken BBQ, fireworks, Old Home Days at Riverside Park, a bon fire, Alumni Reunion and finishing off the week with a Gala Ball at Tuckaway Tavern and more.

Don Tenny has been working on a letter to send out to every organization in town asking what they will be entering into the parade.

Karen Tenney has been talking with residents about the warrant article hoping to encourage  support. The Seacoast Trolley sent information about their services for parade day. She is still working on coordinating parking for the Ball at Tuckaway Tavern hoping to use Cozy Corners. She has sold 5 Raymond NH signs and some Dr Steve Taubman Hypnotist tickets.

The tickets to the Hypnotist show are available at Rec Dept, Library, Radio Grove and  will be available at the door.  *** She commented that this show is more geared toward adults.  Also suggested that a slide be submitted to RCTV and wants to do a 50/50 raffle at the show.

Dave Hoelzel Sr. said the Individual Donation form is complete and down loadable from the 250th website. He also recommended reducing the “In Memory Of” donation amount from $75 to $25.

After some discussion it was decided that Individual Donors should get the same size Ads in the souvenir book as the Business Ads for their donations if they are a contributing the same amounts.  There was a motion made to combine the Business and Individual donation form into one form to make it much easier, by Cheryl Killam. Seconded by Joyce Wood.   All in Favor.

Dave Hoelzel Jr. Letter read by Dave Hoelzel Sr. He is requesting each sub-committee send their mission statements and submit them to him. He has received suggestions of interest for our consideration:  need for a port-a-potty, battle reenactment, new history book for Raymond.  

Donna Wheeler reported there are still 60 of the original 330 cookbooks left to sell. Once those are sold they will definitely reorder.  We would like to do a Movable Art show and set up the students cookbook art at various meetings and  events around town for the public to see. She also suggested doing a 250th show on RCTV from the committee to talk about the weeks events and the warrant article.

Joyce Wood reported that Fritz and Will from the Walnut Hill Conference Center want to have people read historical love letters at the Congregational Church on either Friday night Sept 19 or another night in the schedule. There has also been mention of an interest in doing a Fulton’s Tour around town.

 Judy Maynard reported that Bumper Stickers were available for .38 each for 1000 or .58 each for 500. The committee decided on the Green Oval sticker with White lettering and to change the word settlement to Incorporation.  Wayne agreed to have proofs sent to him for review.  Add the Logo to the book cover.

Arlene and Ed French stepped up to be the Food Committee, 
     They had questions:

Tim Louis reported that Ben Franklins has sold $1100 worth of 250th items and he also mentioned that after the 225th there was money left over and the surplus went back to the town

 Kerry Pratt is waiting to hear from the Boston Crusaders.

The next meeting they will try a Saturday meeting in hopes of getting more attendees. The Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday February 22 at 8 am at Torrent Hall.
Reminder that all souvenir book AD’s should be formatted and print ready and sent to her by May 1st, to print the Souvenir book by the 1st of June for sale by 4th of July.

There were no Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning Meetings held in December due to the holidays.

Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning Meeting on November 26, 2013
By Cheryl Killam 11-30-13

The Thursday, November 26, 2013 meeting was attended by Wayne Welch, Tim Louis, David Hoelzel Sr, David Hoelzel Jr, Tim Simard, Don Tenney, Karen Tenney, Kerry Pratt, Brian Carpentier, Judy Maynard, Joyce Wood and Cheryl Killam.

 Karen Tenney contacted the York Trolley Company for Saturdays Ball for 5 hours of shuttling  from parking area to the ball site. She is waiting for a proposal and how much it would cost to hire them.

Karen Tenney contacted Dr. Steve Taubman, from Burlington Vt., to come to Raymond for a show on March 15, from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at the Raymond High School.  Once approval of the use of the school is given she would like to print and sell ticket for $12.00 per person. The cost to the committee to bring Dr Taubman is $1500.00.  Unfortunately there would be no refunds if a cancellation were necessary due to the weather.   

Karen Tenney also mentioned that the Historical Society has offered to sell the CIRCA signs, with a different template.

There was discussion and unanimous agreement  about increasing the Ad sizes in the Souvenir book so that  advertisers get larger ads for their money.  So if a business donated:

There was also discussion and agreement to create a  Friends of Raymond 250th category so that anyone could donate any amount, no minimum amount,  if they wished and could take out a personal ad for $50 or more.

Tim Louis suggested that a banner sign for the 250th Anniversary Celebration be hung behind the Selectmen during their BOS meetings for the public to be reminded.

Tim Louis also reported: 300 Cookbooks were ordered with 37 of them pre-sold, they are selling really good. All 250th Anniversary items can be found for sale at Ace Ben Franklins.  Heritage New England has started Phase One of the Depot Roof repairs which includes the decking, 1 support beam, and shingling.  Phase 2 will be painting.

Brian Carpentier suggested that a Bumper sticker with the 250th website address be made available to increase the website hits.  He also suggested that “In Kind Donations” of services, buses or other efforts should be listed in the Souvenir Book.  
David Hoelzel Sr. reported that the Finance Committee is sending out personal emails and thank you notes to those who donate. More Donations received:  $250 from Raymond Animal Hospital, $50 from Raymond Chiropractic and $100 from Raymond Area News.

Judy Maynard presented an article for On The Common for everyone to read. 

Judy Maynard would like all formatted AD’s for the Souvenir book sent to her by May 1st, to print the Souvenir book by the 1st of June for sale by 4th of July.

Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning Meeting on November 7, 2013
By Cheryl Killam 11-10-13

The Thursday, November 7, 2013 meeting was attended by Wayne Welch, Craig Wheeler, Tim Louis, David Hoelzel Sr, Don Tenney, Karen Tenney, Peg Louis, Donna Wheeler, Pauline Gordon, Judy Maynard and  Cheryl Killam.

 Craig Wheeler informed the committee that receipt of contributions and sales is $16,520 with the expenses of the souvenir items and down payment on the cookbook costing $5,992.17 leaving the current fund balance at $10,257.83

Craig Wheeler said the warrant article for funding of $50,000 for the Raymond 250th Anniversary Celebration with any unused revenues being returned to the General Fund as requested by the 250th committee would be discussed by the Selectmen at their meeting on Monday November 18.

Karen Tenney suggested that we have Hypnotist Dr. Steve Taubman come to Raymond for a show, as a fund raiser, in either February or March, and that it would cost $1500.

More discussion took place about Fund Raising and Souvenir Book levels. Cheryl Killam suggested that a Copper level for donations of $250 be added to the website and the committee agreed.

Donna Wheeler suggested monthly function ideas such as an ice skating party in January, cross country skiiing stopping at residences for hot chocolate in February.

Peg Louis shared that the "Scarecrow decorations" were a big hit and wants to thank everyone who participated. She is planning the Gingerbread House Display to be held on December 7 along with the holiday parade.

The 250th Cookbooks were scheduled to be shipped on Nov 7 and will be available for holiday purchases. The first book will be donated to the Dudley-Tucker Library.

The 250th Committee will attend the Dec. 4 School board meeting to recognize the school children who created the divider pages art work in the cookbooks. They will also receive Barnes and Noble gift cards donated by Raymond Area News.

Tim Louis asked whether the 225th Historical blanket throw should be ordered now for Christmas and to change the Bean Tavern to the Gazebo in the center. The committee decided to wait on ordering new throws and the create a new historical blanket throw unique to the 250th celebration.

Anyone interested in joining the 250th Historical Throw Design Committee is welcome to attend the meetings.

Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning Meeting on October 23, 2013
By Cheryl Killam 10-30-13

The meeting was attended by Wayne Welch, Craig Wheeler, Tim Louis, Kerry Pratt, Steve Welch, Peg Louis, Pauline Gordon, Karen Tenney, Dave Hoelzel Sr. , Timothy Simard, Lee Weldy, Donna Wheeler, Dong Tenney, Joyce Wood, Chris Mataraga, Judy Maynard, Cheryl Killam and Pam Turcotte.

Karen Tenney stated that the Celebration Ball plans were complete to be held on Sunday September 21, 2014 at the Tuckaway Tavern. The expenses amount to $8000.00 to be offset by revenues.

Kerry Pratt talked about the activities planned for Sunday the 14th. Church services at 8 am on the common, pancake breakfast at 9 am by the firemen at Torrent Hall, and Congregational Church music concert at 3 pm.

More discussion about other activites for the week included Community Band Concerts, the play "Our Town" for matinee and evening performances, RCFY sponsoring a street dance for Friday nigh, "period skits" such as re-enactment groups.

Joyce Wood advised that the Historical Society was holding a presentation by Fritz and Will of Walnut Hill with a possibility of it being part of the 250th plans. Also that the Historical Society is working on a Historical Homes 2014 Calendar and that Sally Paradis is working with a committee to update the Pictorial History of Raymond Book and looking into re-making the 1914 "commemorative coins". eining

Events for Saturday Sept. 20 might include Home Coming Week, a Car show on the common, Old Home Day at Riverside Park, Alumni Reunion, and bonfire.

Discussion took place about submitting a warrant article for $50,000 to cover the following items; parade and band expenses, fireworks, food, logistics including security, electricity, portable toilets, parking and transportation, general setup and clean up.

Dave Hoelzel of the Finance Committee said Hannaford is offering to sponsor an event and several verbal pledges have been received and the souvenir book was bringing in many donations. He felt they could easily be at $25, 000.

Don Tenney said we have a table at the Christmas Fair on Saturday, Nov 2, at the High School to sell commemorative items and taking orders for the cookbook.


Raymond 250th Cookbook Committee Reaches Goal
Submitted by Peg Louis - 9-5-13

The Raymond 250th Cookbook Committee has reached it’s goal of 250 recipes. Not only was the goal reached but it was an overwhelming response. We received recipes right up to the August 30 deadline. We thank each and everyone of you who answered the call. Thank you for taking the time to make this 250th project  a success.

A very big thank you goes to Ernie Cartier – Creveling, Raymonds Community Development Director for the 250th page on the town website and the links for the recipe submission forms.

A giant thank you goes to Dave Hoelzel, Jr. for putting the same info and the recipe submission form on the Raymond250.org site as well. If you haven’t gone to Dave’s web page please do so. There are a lot of great old Raymond photo’s and other historical info will be added as we approach September 2014 in 52 weeks.

Thank you Ernie and Dave, you made it so easy for the recipe contributors. We applaud you both!!

As well, we thank Kim Tyndall and Cheryl Killam for running articles on the cookbook for us. Thank you both for your support in your online newspapers.

The efforts of  Kevin Woods and the Channel 22 staff are not to go unnoticed either. As usual Channel 22 has given us good informative coverage in a timely fashion

The 250th cookbook committee is going to press shortly. We will keep you all updated on the town web page, Raymond 250.org and local papers both online and in print. A JOB WELL DONE EVERYONE

Raymond 250th Anniversary Celebration Planning Making Progress
By Cheryl Killam 8-28-13

Planning has been underway since January for an eight-day celebration of Raymond's 250th Anniversary in 2014, running from Sept. 13- 21, and the schedule of events is starting to come together to make this a festive week.

The committee has commemorative souvenirs for sale including hats, T-shirts, sun-catchers, pewter ornaments, water bottles and Energy Raffle tickets for sale for a chance to win $1000 paid directly to your choice of a power utility or heating fuel company, to raise funds to help pay for event expenses. These may be purchased at Radio Grove Hardware or contact Tim Louis at ttlouis@comcast.net.

The 250th Cookbook committee had a goal of collecting 250 recipes however as of the August 26 meeting, 379 recipes have been submitted. Donna Wheeler said she expected that they would easily hit 400 recipes before the deadline on Friday, August 30. The plan is to print 500 copies to keep the cost of the anniversary cookbook around $15.

The schedule of events is coming together. It begins with an opening ceremony on the Town Common to read the original proclamation of the town on Saturday, August 13, around 10 am, a huge parade at 1 pm, a chicken BBQ mid-afternoon, an evening concert and fireworks when it gets dark.

The dance/ball committee is still working on trying to find a place to hold the 250th Anniversary Ball on either Friday or Saturday night. The hope is to hold it in Raymond but unfortunately there are no sites that can easily accommodate 250 people or more to serve dinner and alcoholic drinks. If the high school is used, it’s a smoke free and alcohol free zone and the committee would be responsible for decorating and hiring a caterer. If town property is used, it would need to be approved by the selectmen and a huge event tent with flooring would need to be rented.

Kerry Pratt is coordinating the parade and is working on making this parade huge by inviting car clubs and other interested organizations from around New Hampshire to participate and trying to sign up multiple bands including the Navy Band, a 40 piece orchestra, to make this parade special.

The website committee created www.Raymond250.org and has accumulated historic pictures and information hoping to encourage long time residents to remember and share past stories of living in Raymond. They are also working on adding online purchase capabilities for the commemorative items.

The plan for Saturday, September 20, is to hold an Old Home Day at Riverside Park with some historic re-enactment groups and the Raymond High School Alumni Reunion is planned for Sunday, September 21.

 The souvenir program book committee is working on the layout, ad sizes and pricing to contact all the businesses in Raymond so they too may participate in the 250th celebration.





















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