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*** NEWS ***

Sandown Selectmen Accept ARPA Funds and Old Home Day Planned for September 23 to 26

Conservation Open Space Suggestions Made to Sandown Planning Board Regulations

Sandown Board of Selectmen Votes to Discontinue Land Sale

Sandown Selectmen Cancel Current Town Land Sale Agreement for a New Appraisal

Sandown Planning Board Hear Ferguson Lane Open Space Protected with Conservation Easement

Sandown Selectmen Hear Residents Request to Add Hand Count of Ballots

AIG Retirement Services Presented to Sandown Selectmen

Sandown Planning Board Hears Two Applications for Diane Lane from David Hoyt

Sandown Selectmen Accept American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA)Funds

Sandown Selectmen Return all Boards and Commissions to In Person Meetings

Sandown Planning Holds Conceptual Review of Five Lot Subdivision on Titoranko Property

Sandown Selectmen Approved Fire Engine Tank Replacement

Sandown Selectmen Accept Phillips Pond Association $15,000 Contribution

Sandown Planning Board Holds Conceptual Discussion on Little Mill Road Development

Sandown Selectmen Hear from Police Department About Combining Two Part Time Positions

Sandown Selectmen Discuss Mask Mandate, Phillips Pond and Pot Holes

Sandown Planning Board Reorganizes and Hold Three Public Hearings

Wal-Mart Donates Thousands of Masks to Sandown Fire Department

Sandown Selectmen Concerned about Old Home Day Date

Sandown Planning Board Conditionally Approves Hoyt Subdivision

Sandown Selectmen Reorganize and Appoint Other Board and Committee Members

Sandown Election and Warrant Article Results March 2021

Sandown Selectmen Draft Updated Hazardous Mitigation Plan

Sandown Selectmen Decide to Holdoff On Phillips Pond Treatment Prepayment

Lot Line Adjustments Dominate the Sandown Planning Board Meeting

Sandown Selectmen Decide to Holdoff On Phillips Pond Treatment Prepayment

Sandown 2021 Deliberative Runs Smoothly

Sandown Board of Selectmen Assign Articles to Members

Sandown Planning Approves and Moves Stormwater Ordinance to Warrant

Sandown Selectmen and Budget Committee Hold Joint Public Hearing

Sandown Selectmen Vote on Per Diem Firefighters

Sandown Board of Selectmen Reviewed 2021 Warrant Articles

******************************* 2020 *******************************

Sandown Selectmen Confirm Use of North School for Deliberative

Sandown Historical Society is Up and Running with New Members

Sandown Planning Board Continue Discussing Hoyt Hills Open Space Subdivision

Sandown Town Clerk’s Office Closed to the Public

Sandown Planning Board Hear Concerns on Hoyt Development Traffic Study, Wells, and Financial Impact Study

Sandown Selectmen Approve Rockingham County’s Use of Town Hall for Swearing in Ceremony

Sandown Planning Board Continues Ferguson Lane Multi-Family Site Plan Hearing

Sandown Selectmen Gives Sandown Historical Society More Time

Sandown Selectmen Reached Decision on Health Insurance

Sandown Selectmen Waiting For Department of Revenue Administration Utility's Rates

Sandown Board of Selectmen Postpone Insurance Decision Again

Sandown Selectmen Continue Reviewing 2021 Budget

Sandown Selectman Agree to hold Halloween Trick or Treating on Saturday

Sandown Selectmen Vote 3 Percent Wage Increase for Town Employees

Sandown Selectmen Decide to Return to Weekly Monday Night Meetings

Sandown Selectmen Still Undecided Regarding Historical Society

Sandown Selectmen Reject Historical Society Lease on Depot Building

Sandown Selectmen Discuss Waste Management Increases

Sandown Planning Board Approves Meaney and Loader Applications

Sandown Selectmen Hear Moderator Discuss Upcoming Elections and Concern About 300 Unregistered Dogs

Sandown Board of Selectmen Meeting Dominated by Seeley Beach Ordinance Discussion

Sandown Conservation Commission Unhappy with NHDES and Budget Committee Interviews Candidates

Sandown Planning Board Takes Jurisdiction of Multi-Family Condo Site Plan

Sandown Public Library Open by Appointment

Sandown Board of Selectmen Approve Cemetery Expansion Plan

Sandown Summer Recreation Programs Underway

Sandown Selectmen Appoint Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer

Sandown Selectmen Hold First Open Meeting

Sandown Selectmen Hear from Departments on Reopening Readiness

Sandown Selectmen Considering How to Reopen Town

Sandown Planning Board Holds Public and Compliance Hearings

Sandown Selectmen Grill Historical Society Officials About Membership

Sandown Selectmen Finalize " It’s Christmas in April" Parade

Sandown Planning Board Approves D. F. Realty Trust

Sandown Cancels Selectmen’s Meeting But Easter Bunny Will be in Town

*********************************** 2016 **********************************

Local Residents Found School District Governance Association of New Hampshire

Community Action Fuel Assistance Program Accepting Applications

New Homes For Heroes® Program Comes to Raymond Area Towns





















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