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*** NEWS ***

Raymond School Board Appoints New Member

Raymond Board of Selectmen Honor Two Retiring Long time Employees

Raymond Planning Board Continued All Four Applications on the Agenda

Raymond Board of Selectmen Reviewed 2023 Proposed Operating Budget and Warrant Articles

Raymond School Board Member Dawn Leamer Resigns Siting Code of Ethics Issues

Raymond Selectmen Discuss Recycling Issue with Casella and Approve a Few Tax Abatements

Raymond Planning Board Discuss Sprinkler System and Zone G Land Zoning Amendments and a 296 Condominium Units Plan on Batchelder Road

Raymond Town Manager Presented Proposed Budget to Selectmen and Tax Rate is Set

Raymond Planning Board Refuses Jurisdiction of Two Applications

Raymond School Board Revised the Default Budget

Raymond Planning Board Continues Candia South Branch Brook, LLC Earth Excavation Permit

Raymond Selectmen Hear Weston Sampson Water Tower Recommendations and Request to Reestablish Cemetery Trustees

Raymond Planning Board Continues All Agenda Items to Future Meetings

Raymond School Board Approves 2023 Budget and Default Budget

Raymond Planning Board Conditionally Approve IC REED & Sons Site Plan

Raymond School Board Makes Adjustments to Budget

Raymond Selectmen Review Budget with Estimated Increase of $725,637

Raymond School Board Discusses Increasing Substitute Pay Rate

Raymond Board of Selectmen Approve Two Discretionary Barn Preservation Easements and Two Public Land Use Requests

Raymond Planning Board Capital Improvement Plan Committee Officers Chosen

Raymond School Board Budget Work Session Discussions

Raymond Planning Board Approve Lot Line Adjustment for Land Gifted to the Town, Mountain Road Trading Post Building Addition and 181 Lane Road Subdivision

Raymond School Board Discuss Breakfast and Lunch Price Increases

Raymond Selectmen and Budget Committee Hear Public Works 2023 Budgets

The Raymond Selectmen and Budget Committee Begin 2023 Budget Review Process

Raymond School Board Continues Discussion on What to Do About Elementary School

Raymond Selectmen Make Decision on Water Storage Tower Type

Raymond School Board Discuss New Lamprey River Elementary School Again and Staffing Issues

Batchelder Road Condominiums Conceptual Review Draws Resident Opposition at Raymond Planning Board Meeting

Raymond School Board Vacancy Filled, New Hires Approved and No Athletic Event Transportation Again

Raymond Selectmen Sign Off on the Primex Risk Management CAP Agreements

The Raymond Planning Board Continues IC Reed & Sons Site Plan Again Over Telephone Poles

Raymond School Board Discusses 2023-2024 Budget

Public Works Director Explains Drought Policy to Raymond Board of Selectmen

Raymond Planning Board Continue Hearing on Expansion of Storage Facility

Raymond School Board Decision Made on Buses and John Harmon Voted in as Chairman

Raymond School Board Delay Transportation Decision Until Next Meeting

Raymond Selectmen Move the Bean Tavern to the Historic District Commission and Consider Returning Public Comment to Meetings

Raymond School Board Chair Ada Vadeboncouer Resigns

Raymond School Board Discuss Capital Improvement Projects and Busing

Ernie Creveling Returns to Raymond as Town Manager

Raymond Planning Board Continue Mountain Road Trading Post Hearing

Raymond Selectmen Decide to Continue Street Sweeping and Police Chief Mike Label Introduced New Officer Busta

Raymond School Board Hear District Hires and Resignations

Raymond Planning Board Hold Design Review of Industrial Drive Warehouse and Continue the IC REED Scribner Road Site Plan Again

Raymond Selectmen Sign Contract for Curbside Trash Pick-up with Pinard Waste Systems

Raymond School Board Discuss the Transportation to Sports Events Issue

Raymond Selectman Learn Buy Back of PAYT Bags is an Issue and Recycling Pickup Ends

Raymond Planning Board Continue IC REED & Sons Gile Road Site Plan Hearing

Raymond’s Last Day of School Remains June 20

Raymond Water Tower Issues with State Addressed with New Tower Coming in June

Raymond Selectmen Approve Waste Management Extension Agreement but Recycling Ends as of June 1

Raymond School Board Approves Accepting and Expending Unanticipated Funds

Raymond Planning Board Appoint Chair, Vice-Chair, Fill Vacant Seat and Discuss Mountain Road Trading Post Expansion

Raymond School Board Adjusts School Calendars Last Day and Start Day

Raymond Selectmen Approve Pinard's Option 3 and Accept ARFP Funding

Raymond Selectman Reorganize Board and Special Meeting Requested Recount Numbers Stay the Same

Raymond Planning Board Hear Plan for Starbucks and More Retail Stores

Raymond School Board Approve Adding Teachers to H.S. Principal Search Committee and Students Express their Concerns

Raymond Residents Vote at Special Town Meeting to Ratify March 8 Results

Raymond Selectmen Plan to Hold Public Hearing for Pinard Waste Disposal Proposal and Learn Mega-X Investigation Has Opposition

Raymond School District Superintendent Ready to Move On From COVID Restrictions and School Board Re-Organized

Raymond Joint Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Held

Raymond Planning Board Discusses Rules and Procedures and Continues Loon Lake LLC Application

Raymond Selectmen Hold Public Hearing for April 2nd Special Town Meeting


One Raymond Planning Board Member Resigns, Another Volunteer Is Appointed Alternate

Raymond School Board Signs Consultant Contract with New Superintendent Terry Leatherman

Raymond Selectmen Select April 2 for Special Town Meeting and Town Manager Seat is Vacant Again

Raymond Planning Board Recusal Dispute Ends in Loss of Quorum

Raymond School Board Discusses the Use of Surplus Funds and Names Three Superintendent Candidates

Raymond Planning Board Approve Green Road Special Permit

Raymond School Board Food Service Director Report's Facing Multiple Challenges

Raymond Selectmen Discussed Past Due Water Bills, P-A-Y-T Bags and Domestic Partner Insurance

Raymond Planning Board Members Recuse Themselves Creating Quorum Issues

Raymond School Board Discusses Sixth and Eighth Grade Student Trip Issues

Raymond Board of Selectmen Introduce New Public Works Director and Discuss a Few Warrant Articles

Raymond School Board Ratifies Raymond Educational Support Staff Contract

Raymond Planning Board Approves McDonald's Improvements and Have Three Open Seats in March

Raymond School Board Discuss Provision of Social and Emotional Services at Length

************************* 2021 **************************

Raymond Selectmen Approve Sandy Brook Drive As Town Road and Discuss a Few Warrant Articles

Raymond Planning Board Continued Liberty Woods LLC Green Road Properties Application and Conditionally Approved Harbor Realty LLC Dominos Pizza Restaurant

Raymond School Board Receives Complaints About Overnight COVID Mitigation Plans and Hears Changes to the 2022-2023 High School Program of Studies

Raymond Planning Board Needs a Planner and Discuss Multiple Applications and Other Issues

Raymond Schools Losing More Teachers and 2022 Budgets Approved

Raymond Selectmen Pick New Water Tower Site and Vote to Stop Mega-X Project

Raymond Planning Board Continues Kristopher Lane Subdivision Application

Raymond School Board Forwards Unapproved Budget to Budget Committee

Raymond Selectmen Name Fire Chief Paul Hammond as Interim Town Manager

Raymond Planning Board Continues Three Applications to the December Meeting

Raymond School Board Vote Down a Special Meeting Request

Raymond Is Without A Town Manager Again

Raymond School Board Hear Assessments and Interventionists Reviews

Raymond Town Manager Reviews Department Budgets

Raymond School Board Adjusts Capital Improvement Plan and Receives Special Meeting Request

Raymond Planning Board Receives Two Resignations

Raymond School Board Close Raymond High School Due to Covid-19 Cluster

Raymond School Board Goes With New Hampshire School Board Association for Superintendent Search

Raymond Selectmen Address Governor's Lake Issue Again and Discuss Flint Hill Water Tower

Raymond School Board Vote to Increase Substitute Teacher Pay

Raymond Planning Board Conditionally Approve Tom & Dee’s Auto Sales Application

Raymond School Board Discuss Athletic Transportation Problem Due to Lack of Drivers

Raymond Selectmen Accept Overlook Drive as a Town Road and Approve $80,192.95 for Parks and Recreation Truck

Raymond Selectmen Revisit the Governor’s Lake Improvement Proposal and Hold Public Hearings on Hazard Mitigation Plan and Emergency Management Plan

Raymond Planning Board Approves Grants' Towing Application

Issue of Face Masks Brings Out Residents to the Raymond School Board Meeting

Raymond School Board Member John Harmon Pushes for Level Funded Budget

Residents Continue to Express Concern for Use of Voting Machines at Raymond Selectmen Meeting

Raymond Planning Board Hears Two Cases With Potential Town Mistakes

Raymond School District Seeking Grants for Classroom Speaker Project

Raymond Selectmen Hear Residents Express Election Concerns and Accept American Recovery Plan Act Funds

Raymond School Board Vacancy Filled and Miss Raymond Scholarship Program Pays off Student Food Service Debt with $7,466 Donation

Raymond Planning Board Approves Mareld Company Application and the Mountain Road Application With Conditions

Raymond Selectmen Appoint Christine Rousseau as Deputy Town Clerk and Deputy Tax Collector

Raymond School Board Reviews Staff Resignations and One Hire

Raymond Planning Board Approves Two-lot Subdivision at 324 Route 27 and Continues Three Other Applications

Raymond School Board Discuss Capital Reserve Fund Expenditures

Raymond Board of Selectmen Discuss Cemetery Issues and Route 27 Bridges

Raymond Planning Board Hearings: Grant’s Towing, the Loon Lake Trading Post and 11 Ham Road All Continued

Raymond School Board Change Fall Re-Opening Plan and Interim Superintendent David DeRuosi Jr. Starts July 1

Raymond Selectmen Approve All Model Growth Plans and 4th of July Volunteers Needed

Raymond Planning Board Reviewed and Discussed Onway Lake Village Conceptual

Raymond School Board Discussed Year End Events Policy Decision

Raymond Board of Selectmen Proposed Land Use Fee Schedule Discussed

Raymond Planning Board Approves Jackson Lumber 13,750 square foot Addition

Raymond School Board Approves "No Cost" Athletic Trainer Services

LRES 2nd Grade Letters From The Heart 2021 to Raymond Residents

Raymond Planning Board Approves Clifford Lot Line Adjustment and Continues Old Ham Rd Sub-division

Raymond School Board Learns About Project Aware

Raymond Selectmen Fill Barnes’ Vacant Selectman Seat and Appoint Bean Tavern Steering Committee

Raymond Selectmen Discuss Mask Requirements and Interview Board Candidates

Raymond School Board Plan To Provide Student Learning Support and Recovery

Raymond Planning Board Rescinds Previous Decision About Town Engineer Reviewing All Subdivisions

Raymond Selectmen Address Capital Reserve Fund Requests

Raymond School Board Hears That Transportation is the Biggest Issue for Spring Sports

Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell Subdivision for the Fourth Time

Raymond School District Superintendent Tina McCoy Resigns

Raymond School Board Calendar Changes Dominates Meeting

Longtime Raymond Selectman Jack Barnes Retires

Raymond Planning Board Delays Solar Ordinance Discussion

Raymond School Board Reorganizes and Resolves Default Budget Issue

The Raymond Board of Selectmen Move Forward with Bean Tavern Purchase

Raymond School Board Discussed the Raymond High School Class Sizes

The Raymond Selectmen Push Getting RCTV Cable Server

Raymond Planning Board's Blaisdell Hearing Continued Again to April

The Raymond School Board Support Plans to Hold Safe Senior Prom

Raymond 2021 Deliberative Zoning Amendment Articles Challenged

Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell Subdivision After Discussion

Raymond School Board Hears About Support for Students Struggling with Remote Learning

Raymond School District Operating Budget Was the Most Contentious Article at Deliberative

Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell's Bald Hill Road Project

Raymond School Board Tackles Several Important Issues

Raymond Planning Board has Design Review on 4 Freetown Road Project

Raymond Budget Committee Addresses both Town and School Budgets

Raymond Board of Selectmen Continue Discussion of Cable Committee Budget

Raymond School Board Reviews 2021 Warrant Articles

************************************** 2020 ***********************************

Raymond Planning Board Moves Zoning Amendments to the 2021 Warrant

Raymond School Board Decide to Create Warrant Articles for Treasurer Raise and Deputy Treasurer Position

Raymond's Community TV Meeting Coverage May Be in Jeopardy

The Dudley-Tucker Library is OPEN and Face Masks are Required

Raymond School School Board Approves Return to Remote

Raymond School Board Special Meeting Approves Amended Default Budget

Raymond School Board Approves Proposed Operating and Default Budgets

Raymond Selectmen Hear Request to Revamp Water Department to Address Debt and 2021 Tax Rate Set

Raymond Planning Board Discuss Main Street 180 Unit Combo Residential/Industrial Development

Raymond School Board Discusses Student Use of Cameras and Possible Return to Remote

Raymond School Board Approves 2021-2022 Operating Budget

Raymond Selectmen Hear From Town Manager about Covid-19, Budgets, 2020 Tax Rate, Veteran’s Day and More

Raymond School Board Heard Technology Up to the Job

Raymond Planning Board Continues Agriculture Zoning Amendment Discussion

Raymond Board of Selectmen Held a Special Board Meeting

Raymond School Board Heard LRES Renovation or New Construction Not Recommended at this Time

Raymond Board of Selectmen Receive 2021 Draft Budget

Raymond Planning Board Discuss Agriculture Ordinance on Lots Less than Two Acres

Raymond Board of Selectmen Approve Changed Pay As You Throw Fees

Raymond School Board Approves Return to School or Work Procedures and COVID-19 Instructions

Raymond Selectmen’s Meeting Public Hearings Draw No Comments

Raymond School Board Reported Surprisingly Good Start for Schools

Raymond Selectmen Expect Two Percent Reduction in Municipal Taxes

Raymond Select Board Approves Accepting Absentee Ballot Grant

Raymond Planning Board Reviews Water Quality Draft Ordinances

Raymond School Board Reviews School Opening Adjustments

Raymond Selectmen Hear the Importance of Absentee Ballots

Raymond Planning Board Reviews Proposed Wetland Zoning Amendments

Raymond School Board Approves Hybrid System of Reopening

Raymond Selectmen Vote Down Dumpster Fees

Raymond School Board Discuss Re-opening of Schools

Raymond Selectmen Heard Updates on Town Opening Phase 3

Raymond School Board Increases Cap for Delta Dental Graduation

Raymond School Board Discussed Graduation Options

Raymond Selectmen and School Board Discuss Tax Mitigation Strategy

Raymond Planning Board Conditionally Approves JCR Construction Site Plan

Local Church Partners to Pay $761K in Medical Debt for Granite Staters

Raymond School Board Discussed Funding 2020 Class Graduation

Raymond Selectmen Approve Accepting GOEFRR Grant

Raymond School Board Discusses Police Assistance with Parades

Raymond Selectmen Hear Town Reopening Plan and Cancel Two Parades

Raymond Planning Board Reorganizes and Hears Site Plan Application

Raymond Selectmen's Emergency Public Health Regulation Addresses Campground Opening

Raymond School Board Discussed Graduation Options

Raymond Selectmen Delay Decision on Campground Until Thursday

Despite Pandemic Financial Impact, Raymond Should Be Alright

Raymond School Board Met With Principals On Year End Activities

Raymond School Board Retains Distant Learning Through April Vacation and Schools Close on June 5

Raymond Remote Learning Reduced to Four Days

Five Year Transfer Station Agreement Requires Resident Permits

Planning Board Approves Essex Commons and East Coast Outdoors Applications

Canceled Raymond School Trips a Concern

Raymond School Board Hears from Technology Director

Planning Board Denies One Application and Continues Two

Raymond School Board Chooses Preschool Design Bid

Raymond Selectmen Approve Amended Comcast Agreement

Raymond School Board Hears from Students of Seacoast School of Technology and Approves Two Expenditures

Raymond Municipal Tax Rate Reduced by Thirteen Cents Per Thousand

Raymond School Board Struggles To Reduce Budget By Hundred Thousand

Raymond Selectmen Continue Discussing Pay As You Throw Program

Raymond Budget Committee Trims School District Budget

Planning Board Approves Scribner Road Mega-X and Chester Rd Commercial Retail Applications, and Continued East Coast Oudoors Application

************************************* 2019 **************************************

Raymond School Board Still Revising Energy Efficiency Warrant Article

Raymond Selectmen Move Ahead with Epping Street Property Cleanup

Planning Board Approves Two Applications

School Board Adjusts Warrant Articles

Planning Board Addresses Two Continuation Requests

School Board Discusses Budget and Warrant Articles

Residents Express Frustration Over Dumpster Ordinance

Raymond’s Pitts Helps Vermont Academy Girls Varsity Soccer Win Championship

Raymond’s Proposed Dumpster Ordinance

Do You Know How Many Steps It Is To Your Bathroom?

American Legion Post 90 Collects Bicycles for Homeless Veterans

Details Provided About Moving Fourth Grade to Middle School

Exeter Medical Facility Approved With Conditions

Raymond’s Draft Budget Numbers Presented to Selectmen

Alissa Del Tufo Welch Runs Marine Corps Marathon

Preliminary Raymond School District Budget Approved

Shaw’s Abatement Agreement Saves Town Money

Planning Board Approves Lot Line Adjustment on West Shore Drive

School Board Discusses Moving Fourth Grade to Middle School

Planning Board Continues Lot Line Adjustment on West Shore Drive

Additional Bus Stop Approved on Watson Hill Road

Correction Made to Expected Tax Reduction

7th Annual Raymond Coalition for Youth Community Prevention Summit

Raymond Selectmen Reject Shaw’s Abatement Request

Planning Board Works on Subdivision/Site Plan Regulations and Rules of Procedure

Major Medicaid Changes Decrease School Revenue

Private Road Residents Hear Fees For Road Maintenance

New Citizen Work Group Proposed for 20 Year Plan

Raymond School Opening August 28, 2019 Was Successful

Town Manager Joe Ilsley Reviewed Fixed Budget Expenses

Vacant Raymond School Board Seat Filled

Threats, Claims of Past Town Action Aired at Raymond Private Road Hearing

Norris Farm Road Five-Lot Conservation Subdivision Gets Planning Approval

Raymond High School Receives Accreditation Through 2029

Norris Farm Subdivision Continued After ZBA Fails to Reach Quorum

Applicants Sought for Raymond School Board Vacancy

Raymond High School Alumni Association 2019 Golf Outing Nets Over $10,500

Dr. Fiona Coomey Hired as New Assistant High School Principal

Raymond School District Seeks Board Member Following Resignation of Titcomb

Raymond Selectmen OK Release of Capital Reserve Money to Repair Lane Road Culverts

School Board Goes to Court to Seek Titcomb‘s Removal

Planning Board Hears Update on Norris Farm Conservation Subdivision

Raymond Selectmen Face Hard Decisions on Culverts, Private Roads

Exeter Hospital Medical Building Proposed for Raymond

Aurora Paci-Burghardt Wins Miss Raymond Crown

Gia Beckford Crowned Junior Miss Raymond and Laila Merrill Crowned Little Miss Raymond

Raymond Selectmen Deny Granite Meadows Abatement Request

Raymond Special Education Numbers Remain High

Raymond Seeks to Create Enforceable Dumpster Ordinance

Lamprey River Elementary School Lunch Prices to Rise

Raymond Group to Plan Infrastructure Improvements for Next 10 to 20 Years

Raymond School Board Addresses Titcomb’s Lack of Attendance

Taking Pride in Raymond Sweeps through the Town

Raymond Area Chamber of Commerce Installs 2019 President Claire Armstrong

Raymond Board Establishes Elementary School Building Committee

Selectmen Hear Tax Repayment Plan, Property Clean-Up Working Well

Raymond Planning Board Addresses Subdivision Amendments, Sets Hearing

Resident Criticizes Class Size Decision of Raymond School Board

Raymond Selectmen Will Not Pursue Legal Action Against Zoning Board

Postal Decision to Impact Subdivisions, Cluster Developments

Volunteers Wanted to Help Keep Fun Things Happening In Raymond

New Pay As You Throw Program Begins In April

Jonathan Wood to Chair Raymond Planning Board

School Board Reviews Course Offerings for Class Size

Selectmen Note Tax Decrease, New Procedures for Garbage Collection

Raymond Saves Money on Loan for New Wells

Raymond Planning Board Considers Changes to Road Standards

Elementary School to Get Safety Improvements, Minimum High School Class Size Set

Budget Committee Recommends School Budget 4-3

Surprise Motion Made at Budget Committee to Revisit School Budget Recommendation

Little Discussion, Little Change at Raymond Town Deliberative Session

Rehearing Appeal Rescheduled for Freetown Road Parcel

School Board Denies Request to Remove Instructional Material

Deliberative Session Voters Increase School Budget to Keep YEES Caseworker

Raymond Addresses Unresolved School Lunch Debt in Multiple Ways

School Board OKs Four-Day Preschool, Raises Preschool Tuition

Budget Chairman Denies Fellow Committee Member Right to Speak

Complaints Over Zoning Board Action to be Explored

Budget Committee Recommends School Budget in 5-2 Vote

School Board Hears Pinkerton Tuition Analysis

************************************* 2018 **************************************

Freetown Road Property Wins One Variance, Loses Another

2019 Budget Committee Hearings Continue, Look at School Cuts

Planning Board to Hold Hearing on Zoning Warrant Articles

Raymond High Presents New Program of Studies

Portion of Unexpended Fund Balance to Cover Two Warrant Articles

Non-Binding Warrant Article to Consider Tuitioning to Pinkerton

Raymond Board of Selectmen Hears Complaint About ZBA

Raymond Town Office Offers Help for Elderly Exemption Applicants

Trash Removal, Social Services, Contingency Fund on Town Warrant

Raymond Planning Board Awaits Legal Opinion on Smith Pond Road Proposal

Health Insurance Rates Lower Raymond School District’s Proposed Budget

Raymond Coalition For Youth Partners with Hannaford for Sticker Shock

Raymond on Path to Get Town-Owned Properties Back on Tax Rolls

Non-Binding Warrant Article To Question Sending Raymond High Students Elsewhere

New Hampshire Electric Co-op Foundation Awards Grant to Reach High Scholars Program

Raymond School Board Considers Cuts, Additions to Proposed Budget

Raymond Zoning Board Considers Variances to Site 10 Condos, Offices on 1.6 Acres

Raymond Planning Board Approves 172-Unit Condo Subdivision

Raymond Teachers’ Union, School District Withdraw Unfair Labor Practice Complaints

Raymond Fourth Graders To Get Opportunity for Instrument Lessons

Expected Raymond Town Budget Shows 1.4 Percent Increase

Proposed Budget’s Fixed Costs Presented to Raymond Selectmen

Ridgewood Commons 172-Unit Condo Development Set for Oct. 4 Decision

Students Plan Greenhouse for Raymond High School

Mosquito Carrying West Nile Virus Found in Raymond

Laura Yacek to Lead Lamprey River Elementary School

Planning Board Conditionally Approves Lane Road Gas Station Complex

On Split Vote, School Board OKs Hiring Youth Worker for Middle School

Raymond District Files Unfair Labor Practice Complaint Against Teachers’ Union Over Arbitration of Grievance

Scribner Road Access Agreement Considered Legal by State

Planning Board Approves Site Plan for Downtown Yoga Studio

Committee Hears of Legislature’s Default Budget Changes

Sides Differ in Raymond Schools’ Unfair Labor Complaint

Raymond School District Continues to Study Tuitioning High Schoolers

Middle School Band/Chorus Teacher Alicia Rockenhauser Wins Statewide Award

4th Annual Alanna Marcotte Memorial Ride Benefits St. Jude

Raymond Planning Board Gives Conditional OK to Lane Road 55-Plus Development

Bullying Policy, From Confidentiality to Appeals, Aired at School Forum

Raymond Woman Enjoys Best of Both Worlds With College ROTC

Five-Lot Commercial Development on Freetown Road is not a Shaw's Supermarket

Technology Funding Debated by Raymond School Board

Longstanding Issues Occupy New Raymond Town Manager

Site Plan for Lane Road 55-Plus Housing Continued to Aug. 9

Businesses Aplenty in Raymond

What’s great about living in Raymond?

Three Raymond Excavation Sites Receive Compliance Approval

Community at the Heart of Raymond Band

School Board Seeks Facts About Tuitioning High Schoolers

Over-55 Subdivision Proposed for Raymond’s Lane Road

Raymond High School Alumni Association 2018 Golf Outing Nets Over $10,700

Raymond Town Manager Joe Ilsley Focuses on Spending, Listening to Residents

Lizzie Wolcott Wins 2018 Miss Raymond Title
Frankie DiLeo Crowned Jr. Miss Raymond 2018 and Gina Blomster Crowned Little Miss Raymond 2018

Raymond Selectmen Approve Fraud Policy

Raymond Planning Board Sets Rehearing on Lane Road Gas Station

Part 1 - Raymond School Board OKs Technology Plan, Defeats Tech Funding

Part 2 - New Elementary Unified Arts Schedule, New Handbooks in Raymond Schools

Lamprey River Elementary Fourth Grade Classrooms to Move to Main Building

Andrew Dupuis, Anna Harmon are RHS Class of 2018 Top Scholars

American Legion Post 90 Donates $5000 to CHaD

The Local Lions Club Donates Automatic Door Opener to Ray-Fre Senior Center

Fourteen LRES Second Graders Make 1000 Origami Cranes

Raymond Welcomes New Town Manager, Nuisance Ordinance Defeated

On Tie Vote, Raymond Planning Board Denies Lane Road Gas Station

Liberty Utilities Offers Information on Proposed Gas Pipeline

Raymond School District Hires Business Administrator

Proposed Nuisance Ordinance Draws Opposing Responses in Raymond

Concerns with Noise, Road Widening Continue Over Lane Road Gas Station Plans

Planning Board Gets Overview of Traffic, Road Construction Standards

Decision Expected May 21 on Raymond Blight Ordinance

Meadows Development Gets New Name, Disputes Continue

Raymond Parents Upset with Response to Alleged Bullying at School

What will Competency Based Education look like in Raymond?

Raymond Planning Grants Conditional Approval for Light Manufacturing Facility

Raymond Working its Way Out of Financial Department Problems

Lane Road Gas Station, Service Center Plan Gets Waivers, Continued to May 17

Raymond Selectmen Prepare for Town Manager Interviews

Michael Labell Right at Home as Raymond’s New Police Chief

Raymond Selectmen Delay Town Manager Selection Process by One Week

Raymond Planning Board Approves Revised Impact Fee Methods

Raymond Selectmen to Examine Cost of Meeting Right-to-Know Requests

Raymond Planning Continues to Debate Meadows’ Waiver Requests

Raymond Arts: Keeping the Spirit of Theatre and Family Entertainment Alive

Mike Labell to Lead Raymond Police Department, Water Budget Error Noted

Police Chief David Salois Retires from Nearly 30-Year Career

Proposed Lane Road Gas Station Complex Presented to Planning Board

By State Statute, Selectmen to Hire New Town Manager

Liberty Utilities Presents Gas Pipeline Proposal to Raymond Selectmen

Craig L. Wheeler to Retire from Town of Raymond

Raymond's Dec-Tech Flooring Marks 30 Years of Family Ownership

Budget Discussion Short-Circuited at Raymond School Deliberative Session

Attempts Fail to Cut Raymond Operating Budget, Social Services at Town Deliberative

Raymond Selectman Chair Offers Information About Defamation, Slander

Raymond Schools' Student and Employee Numbers

Raymond Selectmen Receive Committee-Approved Budget

Committee Forwards Reduced Town, School Budgets to Warrant

Raymond Planning Board Conditionally OKs 21-Lot Conservation Subdivision

Raymond Schools' Student and Employee Numbers

Raymond Promotes Julie Jenks to Town Finance Manager Post

Waivers for Raymond’s Meadows Subdivision Under Discussion

Raymond Police Officials Explain Contract Details

Chester Charitable Foundation Awards $5000 to Raymond Coalition for Youth

******************************* 2017 ***********************************

Raymond Schools' Student and Employee Numbers

Lakeside Estates Conservation Subdivision to Have 21 Homesites

Deadline Nears to Prepay 2018 Property Taxes for 2017 Deduction

Default Budget Proposal Goes to Raymond Budget Committee

Raymond Selectmen Review Warrants, Proposed Ethics Code Change

Amended Proposed Town Budget Comes in at 1.35 Percent Increase

Proposed Raymond Town Budget Up 1.41 Percent Over Current Default

Luke Vadeboncoeur Achieves Eagle Scout Rank, Builds Dog Agility Course

Selectmen Reject Emergency Lane Plan, Hear Proposed Budget

Energized Local Lions Club Provides Community Assistance and Seeks New Members

Raymond Resident Seeks Help with Drainage into Governors Lake

Three Private Roads in Raymond May Be Designated Emergency Lanes

Raymond Police, Public Works Budget Proposals Come In

Meadows Developer Questions Application of Town Road Standards

Crowd Turns Out to Oppose Proposed Cuts to Music Program

Residential Subdivision on Prescott Road Gets Planning Approval

Raymond Hires Finance Director, Permanent Fire Chief

School Board, Selectmen to Work Together on Survey for Elementary School Conversion

Green Road Conservation Subdivision Gets Conditional OK

Raymond to Update Time Card, Payroll Documents and Policies

Joint Resource Committee Plans Call-In for Oct. 24

Raymond Selectmen Continue Review of Proposed Town Budget

Raymond Planning Board Denies Road Waiver for ‘The Meadows’

Raymond Resource Committee Considers Proposed Five-Year Plan

Raymond Selectmen Get First Look at 2018 Budget

Two Open Space Subdivisions at Raymond Planning Board for Design Review

Town-Wide Survey for Facility Bonds to be Pursued

Shared Resource Committee Provides Three Priority Recommendations

REDC Awarded $250,000 as a SBA Microloan Program Intermediary Lender

Geology Leads to Cost Overrun for Onway Lake Bridge Project

Two Conservation Subdivisions Come Before Planning Board

Shared Resource Committee Chooses Priorities

Shared Resource Committee Considers Recommendations

Raymond Resident Questions Finances of Proposed Meadows Development

School District Gets Grant for Second Student Assistance Counselor

Easement Signed for Raymond Town Well #4

Raymond Voter Information Project Seeks Voters' Guide Administrator

At Joint BOS, School Board Meeting, School Board Seeks Building Recommendation From Shared Resources Committee

Letter to Raymond Voter Information Project Members

Raymond Coalition For Youth Attends CADCA'S Training Institute to Learn Strategies to Keep Youth Drug Free

Raymond High School Alumni Association 2017 Golf Outing Nets $11,708

Bids Come In for Raymond Water Storage Facilities Study

Tina McCoy Takes the Helm at Raymond School District

Raymond Survey Respondents Favor School, Police Station and Roads

Raymond Coalition for Youth Tackles NH's #1 Substance Misuse Issue: Alcohol

Dawn Mansfield Receives Sandra C. Labaree Vounteer Values Award

Raymond to Look at ‘No Thru Truck’ Regulations Downtown

Sheridan DiLeo Reigns as Miss Raymond 2017, Jr. Miss Raymond is Aurora Paci-Burghardt and Little Miss Raymond is Billie Reynolds

Raymond Planning Board Gives Conditional OK to Route 27 Cell Tower

Meadows Traffic Study, Subdivision Application at Planning Board

Talk of the Town - July 2017 - Raymond’s New Town Newsletter

Shared Resources Survey Ready for Visitors to Raymond Town Fair

Kerry Pratt Retires After 35 Years Delivering Mail

Shared Resources Committee Survey Nearing Final Form

Highway Safety Committee Sends Planning Board Concerns for Meadows Project

Highway Safety Committee Awaits State Comments on Meadows Traffic Study

Shared Resource Committee Changes Direction

Selectmen: Decision Due Aug. 15 on Leisure Village Tax Abatement

Purpose and Focus of Shared Resource Committee Questioned Yet Again

Selectmen: Town Plans to Produce Monthly Newsletter, Onway Lake Road Completion Expected by end of July

Selectmen: Pay As You Throw Bag Cost to Rise July 1st

Fire Chief Kevin Pratt's Retirement Celebration on May 6

Raymond’s Shared Resources Committee Hears Suggestions for Survey

Selectmen Schedule Public Hearing on Pay-As-You-Throw Bag Costs

Board of Selectmen Hear About Police Detail Fund

Katie Masso-Glidden of Raymond Competes for Miss New Hampshire Title

Raymond Planning Board Hears Application for 172-unit Townhouses on Route 102

Raymond Shared Resources Committee Considers Survey

‘Raymond Rapid Response Team’ to Promote Business Development

Raymond’s Long-Time Fire Chief Kevin Pratt Retires May 1

Raymond Selectmen, School Board to Work Together on Prioritizing Town Needs

Board of Selectmen Meetings 3-20-17 and 3-27-17

Local Woman Takes Helm at Raymond’s Dudley-Tucker Library

Anna Harmon Placed 5th at New England Indoor Track & Field Championships

Linda Hoelzel Retires from Dudley-Tucker Library

Ace of Hearts Lasted 54 weeks at American Legion Post 90 in Raymond

Raymond’s Unpaid Taxes and Hides

Raymond School Superintendent Ellen Small to Retire June 30

Jordan, Novik, Desrosiers and McMahon Speak at Raymond Area Rotary Leadership Conference

Dr. Tina McCoy Selected for Superintendent of Raymond School District, SAU 33

 Anna Harmon Runs in NHIAA Division 2 State Meet   

 Raymond High School Track Results from 1-29-17

Three Finalists for Raymond Superintendent of Schools

New 1500-meter School Record Set by Anna Harmon

Raymond Coalition for Youth Hosts 12th Annual Project Safeguard

Ray-Fre Senior Center News for February 2017

Children's book "Chick and Dee-Dee's Lamprey River Adventure"

RHS Indoor Track Team Sets 7 Personal Records plus a School Record at USM

Raymond Recreation Programs for January through March

************* 2016 ***********

Raymond HS Indoor Track Team Competed Again At UNH In Durham

Raymond HS Winter Track School Record Broken in First Meet of the Season

American Legion, VFW Donate $2,100 to New Life Church Food Pantry

Lamprey River Eco-Center Trail Opening For Visitors

Gove Middle School Boys A Basketball Wins Season Opener

Raymond Selectmen Consider 20-Year Bond for New Police Station

Sign Up by Dec. 9 for Raymond Citizens Police Academy

School District Seeks $9,425,000 Bond for Elementary School Upgrade

Community Action Fuel Assistance Program Accepting Applications

4th Annual Raymond Coalition for Youth Prevention Summit A Celebration of Success

Tova Training Center Offers Variety of Classes for Canines

New Homes For Heroes® Program Comes to Raymond Area Towns

Major Residential Development Proposed for Raymond

New Raymond Town Office Phone Numbers in Effect As of Sept 7

New Police Building Sought in Raymond

Hannaford Adds to Powerball Commission With $100,000 Donation to Raymond Area Groups

Robinson Hill Road Gives Access to Conservation Land For Public Use

Miss Raymond, Junior Miss and Little Miss Pageants Near

Complaints About Gunfire On Town Owned Land Brings Investigation of Ordinance

Local Raymondite, Army Chief Warrant Officer Five John L. Picott Inducted into Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame

Traditional Parade Welcomes 4th of July in Raymond

Eagle Court of Honor for J.J. McCosh at Onway Lake

James Vogel Is Troop 101's Newest Eagle Scout

LRES 2nd Grade Conservation Letters to Raymond Residents

Reduced Speed Limits Planned for Downtown Raymond

Pitts Brothers of Raymond on North Yarmouth Academy Deans List

Raymond High School Honor Roll 3rd Quarter 2016

Community Celebrates Anthony Dickerson’s Eagle Court of Honor

Liberty House Project Finds Home in Raymond

$8,250,000 to upgrade the Lamprey River Elementary School in Raymond

Low Voter Turnout at Raymond Town Deliberative, CIP Bond Reduced

Katarina Vogel Nominated to U.S. Naval Academy by Senator Ayotte

************* 2015 ***********

First Raymond Festival of Trees Runs Dec. 10 to Dec. 12

Greenwood Removed from Raymond Conservation Commission,
2016 Operating Budget Debated

Raymond Tax Rate Rises for 2015, Bills Due Dec. 1

Conservation Chair Publicly Accuses Selectman Chair of Ethics Violation

Raymond Teen, Katie Masso-Glidden, Reigns as Miss Deerfield Fair

Lack of Capital Reserve Funding Impacts Raymond Highway Department

Onway Lake Road Weight Limit Is Now Posted at 6 Tons

RCFY Awarded $125,000 Grant Per Year for 5 Years

Is This The Behavior Raymond Wants to be Known For?

Raymond’s Water Supply Suffient Despite State’s Request to Conserve

Raymond's Riverside Park Scarred by Fire

Raymond High Graduate Jesse Hardman Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

Conservation Commissioner Bishop Accuses Selectmen of Violating State Constitution

Raymond Teachers "Hope" to Help Morgan Johnson

Flint Hill Conservation Easement Has Been Signed

Raymond Woman Causes Crash On Route 95

Conservation Commission Chairman Ignores Selectmen's Vote on Bylaws

Raymond Native Nicole Lee Makes Journey to Nepal

"Leadership Honed in the Crucible of Terror" at Rotary Leadership Conference

Christine Hammill, Ken Bosse and Don DeAngelis Speak at Rotary Leadership Conference

Foy Insurance Welcomes Natasha Rufe

Brandon Zahler Achieves  Eagle Scout Designation

Peter W. Johnston Promoted to Senior Commercial Banking Officer

Raymond Building Inspector Richard Mailhot Retires After 31 years

************* 2014 ***********

The Farrell’s Life Went From Stabile to Challenged in One Day

Raymond Selectmen Revisit Vote,
                       Place Conservation Easement On Flint Hill

Raymond Firefighters Association Saves Town Money

Raymond Selectmen Asked to Reverse Vote on Flint Hill Restricted Deed

Three Raymond Selectmen Ignore Voters on Flint Hill

Raymond Taxpayers Face Tax Rate Increase

State Rep. Hoelzel Threatens Raymond Board of Selectmen with Lawsuit

Paula Chouinard Visits Uganda In Support of ChildVoice

Smoking, Hunting Policies Adopted By Raymond Selectmen

Conservation Commission Wants New Flint Hill Warrant Article

Raymond Contracts MRI To Continue Residential Property Inspections

Conservation Commission Requests OK To Hunt On Small Town Properties

Sunny Weather Brings Out the Crowds at Raymond Town Fair

Raymond High School Alumni Association Golf Outing Nets Over $10,000

Conservation Commission Debates Flint Hill Warrant Article Response

A Second Try For Flint Hill Conservation Easement

Raymond Smoking Ban May Not Be Legal

Raymond Board Hits Dead End On Scribner Road

Local Artist Involved with ‘Art of Recovery’

Envision Raymond, Ideas For the Future

Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning Meeting in March

New Hampshire’s State Flower On Stage In "Granite Lilacs"

Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning Meeting in February

Raymond Candidates Night Is On RCTV

Raymond Coalition for Youth Staff and Board of Directors Learn New Skill To Reduce Youth Drug Use

Navy Seaman Apprentice Dezimen J. Everett Completes Basic Training

Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning Meeting from January

Raymond Voter Information Project  2014 Voting Guide Is Available

New And Old Friends Connect At The Sonshine Community Table

Raymond Recreation News and Upcoming Programs for Everyone

Raymond 250th Anniversary Planning News from November

Tristan McManus Receives Nomination from Senator Shaheen for U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Raymond’s Young Artists Contribute To 250th Anniversary Cookbook

Raymond 250th Anniversary Committee Has More Souvenir Items For Sale

Raymond Voter Information Project Seeks Volunteers

Raymond Coalition Asks Branders.com To Stop Selling Candy Filled Prescription Bottles

Raymond VIP Voter Guide Fundraiser Campaign Underway

American Legion Post 90 Fund Raisers Benefit Two Local Food Pantries

Arthur and Patricia Curtis win $50K at Ace of Hearts

Raymond Voter Information Project Annual Meeting Held

Emily Finnegan of Raymond Writes To Thank Servicemen and Veterans

Solar Array Coming To Raymond

Raymond Fall Harvest Festival Raffle Winners

Paw In Hand Rescue Organization Shut Down by State Veterinarian

Raymond 250th Anniversary Celebration Planning Making Progress

Environmental Quality of Life: New State Study Mirrors Raymond Survey

Baker’s Dozen Of Things To Do In The Raymond Area

River Protection in Raymond: Opportunity and Challenge

Raymond 250th Anniversary Committee Promotes 2014 Event At Town Fair

Governor Maggie Hassan Visits Raymond Town Fair

Traditional Parade Welcomes 4th of July in Raymond

Catherine Harmon & Natalie Kfoury of Raymond On Lasell College Dean’s List

Town of Raymond 250th Anniversary Cookbook Still Needs Recipes

Nursing License of Alissa Durgin, RN of Raymond Suspended

RCTV Airs Local Events and Introduces Live Streaming

Raymond Regatta Boat Race on the Lamprey River

Bike Safety Rodeo at Raymond Regatta Family Fun Day

Memorial Day Observance in Raymond

Raymond VIP General Membership Meeting June 4

67th Annual Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Competition will take place April 25 - 27

DERRY, NH – He probably knows as much about sequins and Spanx as he does sports after being invited back for a sixth year.

Sports Director at WMUR‐TV Jamie Staton and Miss New Hampshire 2012 Megan Lyman will co-host the event which features 28 outstanding young women from across the state competing for the title of Miss New Hampshire 2013. The winner will receive $10,000 in scholarships, represent the state at ceremonial functions and at Miss America which is returning to Atlantic City in September.

"We are pleased to announce the continued tradition of the Miss New
Hampshire Scholarship Competition,” stated President and Executive Director of the Miss New Hampshire Organization, Brenda Keith. “Our organization empowers young women by recognizing their levels of excellence in the areas of scholastic achievement, performing arts, healthy living, leadership and community involvement.”

The public has the unique opportunity to vote for two contestants they
would like to see included among the semi-finalists and possibly become
Miss New Hampshire 2013. Votes can be cast through the organizations web site www.missnh.org or on their Facebook page facebook.com/MissNH.

A panel of five judges, including two New Hampshire business leaders, Lucy Gappens of Clear Channel Radio & Chuck Rolecek a successful businessman and restauranteur, will determine ten contestants who earn the greatest number of points in the five phases of preliminary competition (Private Interview, Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit, Evening Wear, Talent and On-Stage Question competitions.)

The two contestants gathering the largest number of public votes will join them for a Top 12 at the start of the final show on the 27th. If a contestant earning the largest number of votes through the public voting is among the ten earning a place as a result of the Panel of Judges scores, then the contestant receiving the next largest number of points from the Judges will be added to the list of semifinalists. Contestants are being encouraged to actively seek votes from friends, neighbors, and the general public through the media and social networks. Voting will be open until April 23rd.

Raymond Chamber's Business of the Year Announcement
Submitted by Maura Mele - 4-4-13

The Greater Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual Installation Dinner and Business of the Year award ceremony at the Tuckaway Tavern Restaurant in Raymond on Wednesday, March 27th.  Over 40 members and their guests enjoyed a fabulous dinner.

The newly installed officers were:  Chamber President, Jennifer Sciaudone of People's United Bank; President-Elect, Dennis Lydon of Aggregate Industries; Treasurer, Ryder Audette of Sweatshirts Etc.; Secretary, Aron Tucker of Wal-Mart Distribution Center; Directors, Judy Williams of Judy Williams Real Estate, Lori Shookus of Shookus Special Tools, Inc., Dick Trask of New England Asset Advisors, Dave Turcotte of Riverbend Realty, James Marcheterre of Simply Wireless, LLC., and Kathy Campbell of Kountry Hair Design.

This year's Small Business of the Year Award was presented to Mark Desrochers of Jambs Jewelry .  Mark has shown his commitment to this community through his sponsorship of the Raymond Little League, donations to Rockingham Community Action, contributions to local area charities, organizations, the Raymond School system, and community fundraising events.

The Business of the Year for over 6 employees was presented to Arlene French of Elliot Pediatrics and Primary Care at Raymond.  Elliot Pediatrics and Primary Care has served the community since 2001. They continually support the community by having their employees speak at the schools regarding health issues, sponsoring the David Welch Blood Drive for the past 11 years, and representing the Raymond Business Leadership, Career Day, Raymond High School Health Fair, Read Across American Program, and the list goes on. Elliot Pediatrics and Primary Care has grown with this community and they are proud to be in Raymond.  

Congratulations to the winners and to all who were nominated! 

Raymond Recount Results on Article 22 and Ethics Write-In Seat
By Cheryl Killam 3-25-13

Two recounts were requested, Article 22 seeking $18K for the Historical Society Depot repairs which lost by 12 votes, 451 no to 439 yes, and the write-in candidate for the three year seat on the Raymond Ethics board.

Article 22 gained only 5 yes votes, it needed 12 to win,  the article still failed with a total of  454 No’s to 447 Yes’s.

The Ethics Write-in candidates with the most votes were Jack Barnes with 34 votes against Cheryl Killam with 33 votes.

Ex-selectman Lee Weldy, sitting as a Barnes observer, challenged a ballot with  “Kilham” written on it, saying it was not intended for Killam.   

 Selectmen Wayne Welch, Greg Bemis and Peter Buckingham along with Town Clerk Sharon Walls all voted Yes, indicating that it was a vote intended for Killam while Selectmen Frank Bourque and Bill Hoitt and Moderator Kathleen Hoelzel voted No.  The final recount board vote of 4 Yes's  to 3 No's included the vote for Killam.  

At the end of the recount on Friday March 22, Cheryl Killam won with 37 votes to Jack Barnes 35 votes. Killam gained four votes while Barnes gained one vote. There is a five day appeal period until Wednesday March 27 at 5 pm.

In  the interest of full disclosure, Cheryl Killam is the owner of Raymond Area News.

Raymond Woman Rolls Vehicle On Route 101 Exeter And Is Ejected - 3-18-2013

On Monday, March 18, 2013 at approximately 11:12 a.m. Troopers from the Troop A Barracks in Epping were called to respond to a report of a serious motor vehicle crash on Route 101 in the area of Exit 10.  It was reported that a vehicle had rolled over and an occupant had been ejected.

Based on the initial on scene investigaton it appears that a 2005 Toyota Corolla being operated by Ruth CHARLAND,age 66, of Raymond, New Hampshire was heading eastbound when the operator swerved to avoid another vehicle that had entered the lane ahead of it.  CHARLAND lost control of her vehicle, crossed the center median, and the vehicle rolled.  CHARLAND was ejected from her vehicle and she was transported to the Portsmouth Regional Hospital for serious injuries. The second vehicle involved, a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban, was operated by, Katherine SCOTT,age 24, of Epping, New Hampshire.  SCOTT and her two children who were passengers at the time were transported to the Exeter Hospital for non life threatening injuries. 

In does appear that speed may be a factor in this crash however the crash still remains under investigation.  Any witnesses to this vehicles operation prior to the crash or anyone that may have further information related to this crash please contact Trooper Thomas Conlon at 603-223-8490 or email at Thomas.Conlon@dos.nh.gov.

The westbound side of Route 101 was shut down for about 45 minutes and traffic was re-routed off Exit 10.  Assisting at the crash scene were members of the Exeter Fire and Rescue and Exeter Police Department. Auth: Sgt. Steven Wheeler,  New Hampshire State Police,  Troop A / Epping  

Pine Acres Campground Up For Auction On April 1st

NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE'S SALE Pursuant to the power of sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Pine Acres RV Resort, LLC to Barclays Capital Real Estate Inc. dated August 2, 2006 and recorded with the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds in Book 4691, Page 1743, which mortgage was assigned to COMM 2006-C8 RV Park Master SPE, LLC by assignment dated January 16, 2013 and recorded with said Registry of Deeds in Book 5412, Page 1621, the undersigned will sell at public auction the Premises hereinafter described.

1.Description of Premises: Land and buildings in Raymond, Epping and Fremont, New Hampshire shown on Rockingham County Registry of Deeds Plan #D-32410. The Premises are more particularly described in the above-referenced mortgage.

2. Date, Time and Place of Sale: The sale shall take place on April 1, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. on the Premises.

3. Street, Town and County of the Premises: The Premises are known as 74 Freetown Road, Raymond, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

Town of Raymond 250th Anniversary Cookbook
Submitted by 250th Anniversary Committee 2-22-13

The 250th Anniversary for the Town of Raymond is approaching in 2014.  The 250th Committee has decided to again publish a Cookbook to help commemorate that event.  A Cookbook Committee has been formed and we are seeking your FAVORITE RECIPE – the one that makes your family and friends’ mouth water.

The Cookbook Committee requests that all recipes be submitted on the form which is available on the Town’s Website under 250th Anniversary. Your recipe can be completed and submitted on line or  the  form will be available at the Dudley-Tucker Library and can either be returned there or mailed to:  

Raymond 250th Anniversary Cookbook
10 Old Fremont Road
Raymond, NH 03077

The categories for your recipes are:  

Appetizers, Beverages, Vegetable, Side dishes, Kids recipes, Brunch,      Bread, Rolls,  Allergy free items, Soups & Salads,  Desserts, Pet Recipes, Main dishes, Cookies, Candy and  Other.

During the 225th Anniversary a Cookbook was also published so we know there are GREAT COOKS out there.  In the last 25 years many newcomers have moved into Town – we are certain many of you are in that GREAT COOK CATEGORY.  We want and need your recipes.

We are very excited about the 250th Anniversary and hope all of you will help us make it special for the TOWN OF RAYMOND!  
Peg Louis, Donna Wheeler, Linda Hoelzel, Pauline Gordon

Local Great Bay Power Lifting Team Breaks World Records
Submitted by Peter and Nona Hubbard 2-21-13

Haven Vermont— Seacoast Sports Clubs (“SSC”)-Great Bay, a multigenerational health and fitness facilities in the Seacoast, recently sent a five person team to theRevolution Power Lifting Syndicate Winter Classic Power Lifting meet hosted by Fair Haven Fitness in Fair Haven Vermont.  The SSC-Great Bay team returned triumphant competing against lifters from all over the Northeast and bringing home five first place awards and multiple state and world records.  

First place in the 220lb class division, Zach Bosen age 18 performed well in his first ever meet setting a state bench-press record with a lift of 235 pounds.  Hailing from Stratham, Bosen was an all state lineman from the state champions Exeter Blue Hawks Football team. First place in the 181lb class,  Joni Zfoska, age 18, set a world record bench press with a lifts of 325lbs . Zfoska is from Derry and this was only his second meet.

First place in the 165lb class division, 18-year old Tim Parrott also set a world record bench press at 325lbs and received the best lifter in the Bench Group.  This is determined by formula based on body weight.  He benched over 2 times body weight which in itself is quite a feat. Parrott, an all state wrestler from  Pinkerton Academy resides in Derry.



In the 181lb class, Peter Hubbard, age 74, finished the meet with a 280lb bench press and captured first place breaking his previously set Revolution Power Lifting Syndicate record. SSC Great Bay team captain and coach, Hubbard is from Raymond and is ranked in the top three in the country for his weight and age group.






Standout in the 165lb class, Nona Hubbard, age 51, set three world records--a 250lb squat, 155 lb bench press and had her highest total ever with a 715 for three lifts.  Nona is from Raymond and is ranked in the top 5 in the United States for her age and weight.


  In addition, special recognition was given Nona who was awarded the coveted Sportsmanship award by the meet director.  This award is given to the lifter who demonstrates not only great lifting but a willingness to help others and be an inspiration to all.   A somewhat teary Nona said, "This award means more to me than all the firsts and records, I am honored.”

Seacoast Sports Club Facility to Hold First Ever Full Power Competition April 20

The team returns to training in preparation for the Vermont/New Hampshire State Championships which will be hosted and held at SSC-Great Bay in Newmarket on April 20, 2013. This is the first ever full power meet to be held in the Seacoast area and is open to all lifters.   It is sanctioned by Revolution Power Lifting Syndicate and hosted by Seacoast Sports Clubs.  Sponsored by Fitness First of Portsmouth, NH. Entry forms for the meet can be found on line at Revolution Power Lifting Syndicateor at any Seacoast Sports Club location or at Fitness First.  The meet is limited to the first 60 lifters so get your entry in early.

Historic Dudley Road Bridge is Damaged
By Cheryl Killam 1-17-13

At approximately 11:20 pm Tuesday, January 15, Candia Police attempted to catch up to a vehicle that had come out of a business on route 27. The vehicle took a left onto Dudley Road and then lost control just past Critchett Road, hitting the bridge railing over the Lamprey River.  At least a 10- to 15- foot section of the railing went into the river.   David Ryan Rousseau of 8 Ledgewood Lane, Raymond and his passenger were taken to the hospital.

In May 2012, town officials met with David Scott from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NH-DOT) to get input on whether the state would repair the bridge. Scott explained the bridge has been “red-listed”, slated for decommissioning and to be demolished in 2014. Dudley Road crosses over the Lamprey River in Raymond between route 27 and route 107 near the Candia town line.

David and Kathleen Hoelzel have lived at 5 Dudley Road near the bridge since 1969. Their house dates to 1623. Kathleen Hoelzel said of the Jan. 15 crash, “I woke up to red and blue lights all over the place and it was scary not knowing what was going on.”

Hoelzel said we need to do something to preserve the Dudley Road bridge because it’s “the historic bridge in our town. It’s on Kings Grant Land, it has to be fixed to preserve it and because it’s a safety hazard.”

Hoelzel said Dudley Road was named after the Dudley family, who were among the first settlers in Raymond in the 1600s. All of the granite blocks in the walls on the roadsides and the granite used in constructing the  bridge were mined from the back woods with buggies, horses and hand tools, she said.

Hoelzel’s biggest concern is that the Route 27 bridge was under water during the flooding in 2008 and 2010, leaving the Dudley Road bridge over the Lamprey River as the only way to get into and out of town. If that bridge is removed, some west side residents may be stranded if Route 27 floods again.

Raymond Man Accused Of Assaulting Infant
Raymond Police Dept. - 12-28-12

An investigation into alleged abuse unfolded this afternoon with an arrest of a local man.  Information that an infant (approximately two months old) had sustained injuries over the course of the last several weeks, led to the examination of the infant at the Exeter Hospital.   Upon examination by medical staff it was determined that the infant had suffered multiple fractures.   It is alleged that these injuries occurred over the past several weeks at a Raymond residence.  This afternoon Raymond Police Detectives, DCYF and the Rockingham County Attorney’s office developed enough supporting evidence to arrest:

Cavan G. Moore
125 Route 27
Raymond, NH

Moore is currently charged with three counts of 2nd Degree Assault on a victim less than a year old.  Moore is being held on $25,000 cash bail pending an arraignment in the Candia Circuit Court.

State Police Arrest Manchester Resident Driving 111 MPH In Raymond
NH State Police Media 12-12-12

  Just after eleven o’clock Wednesday morning, the NH State Police Special Enforcement Unit arrested Felix Rivas Torres of Manchester for Reckless Driving.  Mr. Rivas Torres, 21 years of age, was clocked by a State Police aircraft traveling at 111 MPH on Route 101 in Raymond.  During this several hour aircraft detail, the State Police stopped 45 motorists which resulted in the issuance of 24 tickets and 21 warnings (7 of the 45 motorists were stopped for speeds at 85 MPH or higher).

The NH State Police regularly use aircraft during enforcement details to interdict elevated speed violations and other aggressive driving behaviors to include tailgating.  This tool continues to achieve high interdiction rates concerning speeds that sometimes top 100 MPH.  Aircraft details are routinely scheduled across this state on the main thoroughfares during commuter traffic periods, holiday peak travel times and other areas deemed potentially hazardous.  In addition to speeding violations and other aggressive driving behaviors, State Troopers routinely make roadside arrests for crimes uncovered during motorist contacts.

This enforcement action is just one of many traffic enforcement initiatives which include 55/65 Speed Enforcement details, Safe Commute details, Seat Belt details, Crash Reduction details, DWI details, DWI Check Points, DUI - Drug details and a State Police wide initiative to patrol our state’s roadways during peak commuter hours.  The goal of these initiatives is to keep New Hampshire’s roadways safe for all residents and visitors.

Ahearn performs in "DRACULA" at Keene State College -11-29-12
KEENE, N.H.,- Sheamus Ahearn of Raymond, N.H., performed in Dracula, a new stage adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic vampire novel, November 14 to 17, presented by the Keene State College Theatre and Dance Department at the Redfern Arts Center.

The son of Carla Ahearn of Raymond, N.H., he played the role of Renfield, a crazed victim of Dracula. A junior theatre major, Ahearn has appeared in The Rocky Horror Show, Turning the Tide, and The Premier Series while at Keene State. A 2010 graduate of Raymond High School, he has performed in several other productions in the area.

About Keene State Theatre and Dance Department

          The Department of Theatre and Dance is dedicated to providing a comprehensive course of study that balances theory and practice within a sound liberal arts education. The collaborative nature of theatre and dance disciplines fosters an atmosphere in which students work closely with peers and faculty to gain practical experience in all facets of production and critical engagement. As artists and teachers, our primary focus is to encourage and guide our students as they find their creative voices and experience and question the world through the arts. For more information visit the Theatre and Dance Department or call 603-358-2162

About Keene State College
          Keene State College is a preeminent public liberal arts college that ensures student access to world-class academic programs. Integrating academics with real-world application and active community and civic engagement, Keene State College prepares graduates to meet society's challenges by thinking critically, acting creatively, and serving the greater good. To learn more about Keene State College, visit www.keene.edu

          Keene State College: Wisdom to make a difference.

Election Day in Raymond
By Cheryl Killam 11-8-12

At 6:45 pm Tuesday, Nov. 6, the line of cars trying to get in to vote at Raymond's Iber Holmes Gove Middle School were backed up from both directions on Epping Street. If you were fortunate enough to find a parking spot, and get inside before the 7 pm poll closing time, you had to join the long lines stretched down both hallways waiting to get inside the gymnasium.

The line coming from the left of registered voters was long enough that the end was out of sight. The line coming from the right of un-registered voters swung around the corner to the cafeteria. The lobby was packed full of people who were anxiously getting closer to the gymnasium doors only to join another line for the first letter of their last name.

The registered voters whose last names began with "K" included Ruth Karwatske and Keith Knight, who finally got inside the gymnasium at 7:15 pm, said they "had been waiting for over an hour, closer to an hour and a half and this was ridiculous." 

Kathy Cramer commented that there were alot more unregistered voters this year than in 2008.

By 7:30 pm all voters were finally inside the gymnasium. Unfortunately for one woman who had stood in line for an hour and a half, she found out that she could not walk into the polls any where on her way home and vote. She was from Farmington. 

Town Clerk Sharon Walls said  329 absentee ballots were mailed out, but only 303 of those were returned. A total of  4829 voters came through Middle School doors, with the very last voter stuffing the ballot into the box at 8:00 pm,  for a total of 5132 Raymond voters. The polls were officially open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Lauren Campbell wins Miss Capital Area 2013
By Cheryl Killam - 10-9-12

Lauren Campbell, Raymond High School class of 2008, beat out eight other contestants, two who were Miss New Hampshire veterans, for her first victory in a pageant as Miss Capital Area 2013, on Sunday October 7th, at the Concord City Auditorium.

As a sophomore at Raymond High School, Miss New Hampshire Outstanding Teen was the first scholarship program she competed in at 16 years old. She moved on to the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program competition, earning about $10K in winnings during the past 4 years, which has been put towards her college expenses.

Campbell was crowned by her friend of four years, Samantha Massahos, Miss Stratham Fair 2012 and a graduate student of Keene State, who will also be competing in the Miss New Hampshire pageant.

Campbell received $1500 in scholarship funds, $1400 for being crowned Miss Capital Area and $100 for the overall talent award singing the song, “I Am Changing” by the Dream Girls.   

During the next year, she will be promoting her platform “ Lean On Me,” which is near and dear to her heart, to provide support for victims of bullying, “because it can happen to anyone at any age,” she said. She is truly passionate about it and hopefully she can inspire others to realize that they can get beyond bullying, as she has. Campbell said, "Never let them tell you that you are not good enough." 

Everywhere she goes, she will be speaking to anyone and everyone she can about being a victim of bullying, having experienced it for 14 years while attending the Raymond Schools.

Campbell is studying journalism at Keene State and was one of ten interns chosen out of 200 applicants to work at WMUR over the summer months. She hopes to work at a news station or sports network. Campbell is 23 years old and the daughter of Kathy Campbell and Brian Campbell.  

The Miss Capital Area Program is an official preliminary pageant in the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program, leading into the Miss America Scholarship Program.

Miss Campbell will represent New Hampshire's capital in the Miss New Hampshire competition on the 26th, 27th and 28th of April at Pinkerton Academy in Derry.

RCFY and Raymond Police Department "Got Drugs" event collected 4 large boxes of Medication by Celeste Clark - 10-3-12

One after another, people came up to the table expressing thanks for
offering the much needed event on Saturday, Sept 29. It was the fifth DEA Got Drugs Medication Take Back campaign that the Raymond Police Department sponsored in partnership with the Raymond Coalition for Youth.  This is a national event that is offered at participating locations across the county.  Raymond Hannaford graciously agreed to sponsor the Raymond event at their location to help raise public awareness and offer easy access for those looking to participate.

By the end of the four hour event there were four boxes, totaling 100
pounds, filled with medication that people no longer needed or wanted.  The stories that are shared at these events are what make it even more inspiring and meaningful to participate in.  We heard from people who had lost loved ones and had boxes full of medication that was no longer needed and they didn't know what to do with it.  Others had boxes full of containers they have collected as medication levels had been adjusted and new ones prescribed. "No one ever told us what to do with the old ones, thank you for telling us about this event and how to properly get rid of them."  Others turned in left over Percocet or Oxycodone from past surgeries or aliments and just didn't want it in their house any longer. 

For these reasons and more we want to thank everyone who helped to
advertise, support and contributed to our 5th DEA Got Drugs Take Back event. Combined with the other five events held in the past 2 years we have collected a total 495 pounds in Raymond.   Special thanks go out to
Hannaford for hosting our space and the Raymond Police Department for
sponsoring this event with RCFY.

As we move forward we are excited to announce that a permanent medication drug drop box is expected to be installed in the Raymond Police Department in the coming months.  Once this happens we will be sure to make our community aware of it.

Why are Medication Take Back Events so important?  All of this effort to collect unused and expired medications is a response to the fact that
Prescription drug misuse amongst all ages is on the rise in our nation.
According to the 2008-2009 NSDUH, NH's rate of non-medical use of pain
relievers among 18 to 25 year olds was the second highest in the U.S. at a rate of 16.7%.   Every day in the United States, more than 2,000 kids use a prescription drug to get high for the first time. Rx medicines are now the most commonly abused drugs among 12-13 year olds.  In addition, unintentional drug poisoning is now the leading cause of accidental death in the US - 70 deaths a day - surpassing car accidents.

How can you help?   Think about your home. What prescription and
over-the-counter (OTC) drugs do you have? Where are they kept? Would you know if some were missing? 

You can take immediate steps to limit access to these drugs.  Help us to spread awareness and encourage parents, grandparents, friend's coworkers and other adults to safeguard all drugs in the home, monitor prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine quantities and control access.  Set clear rules for teens about all drug use, including not sharing medicine and always following the medical provider's advice and dosages.  Talk about the dangers of abusing prescription and over-the-counter medicines.  Remember to be a good role model by following these same rules with your own medicines and keep medications out of sight and stored in a location that others would not think to look.

For more information on prescription drug disposal guidelines, as well as the risks, signs, and symptoms of teen prescription drug abuse, visit
www.TheAntiDrug.com or  call  1-800-788-2800.  For more information on the Raymond Coalition for Youth or resources for parents and youth please visit www.rcfy.org or check us out on Facebook.

Music for Water Fest raises over $800
by Cheryl Killam 9-26-12

The “Music for Water Fest” fund raiser at Riverside Park on Saturday, Sept. 22, brought out plenty of Raymond residents, many accompanied by their dogs, their soccer kids, their grandparents, their relatives from Massachusetts and others who came to spend the day with their neighbors and friends.   

The day’s activities were officially opened by Jackie Lee and Rigby Buckner singing the Star Spangled Banner. Music included soloist’s Ryan Taglieri and Dan Buckner of Building James to duos from locals Tracy Kozelek and Steve Wallerstein, the Ramones from Deerfield, North River Trio from Barrington, the hard rock jamming A City Scape from Boston and more. 

People were dancing to the music, little girls were trying to teach the grown-up girls how to hula-hoop, even those who just didn’t have the hip-swing, boys were kicking soccer balls around the field and the traditional tug-a-war between teams of kids and big guys, on both sides, got sideline cheers. 

The raffle table had gift certificates from Gordo’s Burritos, Ultimate Bouquet, Goody Cole’s, two from Tuckaway Tavern, Townhouse Pizza of Epping and True Devotions Jewelry, an Onway Woodworking cutting board, two Tastefully Simple baskets, a hand blown glass bowl, a hand knitted scarf, votive candle holders, a hand crocheted bath mitt, and a tie dyed 2011 Woodstock music fest t-shirt.   The 50/50 raffle proved to be worth it for one gentleman who bought an arms length of tickets for $10 and walked out with $60.

At the concession stand, the food choices included apple coffee cake, brownies,  lemon bars, whoopie pies, chocolate chip cookies, 7-layer magic bars, cupcakes, chocolate cake, popcorn,  chili,  pulled pork sandwiches, and of course grilled sausages with onions and peppers, burgers and dogs and assorted beverages. 

The Riverside Park committee brought in great musicians, great raffle items, great food, great volunteers and the weather was perfect making this “Music for Water Fest” fund raiser for irrigation at the park successful, with a profit of over $800.00.

The Raymond Police Department and Raymond Coalition for Youth are TAKING BACK UNWANTED PRESCRIPTION DRUGS SEPTEMBER 29 AT Hannaford in Raymond- 9-17-12

On September 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Raymond Coalition for Youth and Raymond Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will give the public another opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs.  Bring your medications for disposal to the Raymond Hannaford Store at 2 Freetown Road in Raymond NH.  The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.

Last April, Americans turned in 552,161 pounds—276 tons—of prescription drugs at over 5,600 sites operated by the DEA and nearly 4,300 state and local law enforcement partners.  In its four previous Take Back events, DEA and its partners took in over 1.5 million pounds—nearly 775 tons—of pills.  The Raymond Coalition for Youth and Raymond Police Department have been participating in this event since it started in 2010 and to date have collected more than 387 pounds of medication in Raymond alone.

This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue.  Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs.  Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including from the home medicine cabinet. In addition, Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicines—flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash—both pose potential safety and health hazards.

Four days after the first event, Congress passed the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010, which amends the Controlled Substances Act to allow an “ultimate user” of controlled substance medications to dispose of them by delivering them to entities authorized by the Attorney General to accept them.  The Act also allows the Attorney General to authorize long term care facilities to dispose of their residents’ controlled substances in certain instances.  DEA is drafting regulations to implement the Act.  Until new regulations are in place, local law enforcement agencies like the Raymond Police Department and the DEA will continue to hold prescription drug take-back events every few months.

Wonderland Thrift Opens at Cozy Corner
By Leslie O’Donnell 8-27-12

Do you need some help finding inexpensive but stylish clothing for back-to-school or a Halloween party? Do you collect vintage jewelry? Are you earning a bit extra by selling things on eBay?

Raymond residents don’t have far to look - there’s a new place to shop and discover unexpected treasures in Raymond. Wonderland Thrift opens its doors Tuesday, Sept. 4, in the Cozy Corner Plaza on Route 27.

Wonderland, a non-profit retail thrift shop, has been in business for a little more than four years at 96 Epping Road (Route 27) in Exeter. Sharon Keenan, manager of the Exeter store, said they saw a need for a similar shop in Raymond and found a spot at Cozy Corner.

Lisa Carter is the manager of the Raymond shop; both stores are owned by Lisa Pearson.    

Keenan said the Raymond shop will offer  “about everything.

“There is a huge holiday decorations area, which will change with the seasons,” she said. Other areas feature clothing for men, women, children, teens and babies, as well as baby blankets, rattles and other needs for the youngest set. Ties, hats, shoes, purses, scarves – all can be found at Wonderland in Raymond.

A library section will feature books, DVDs and tapes, and a toy section is sure to delight children and infants. In the textiles section, shoppers will find quilts, sheets, towels, blankets and doilies, while the housewares area carries items ranging from kitchen knives to food canisters.

Keenan said a large jewelry counter is sure to become a favorite part of the store, and vintage  jewelry, dolls, comic books and pictures are among the items offered. No furniture will be sold at the Raymond shop at this time, but that may change.

Wonderland Thrift is a non-profit, and after operating expenses are met, the rest of the profits go out as a donation to a different non-profit each month.

“Last year we gave away $50,000 in clothing and houseware vouchers,” Keenan added. “People can call in and let us know that, say, a family lost items in a fire, and we’ll give a voucher to cover that. We send vouchers to every welfare office in nearby towns, to doctors’ offices and schools. We also provide local welfare offices with gas and grocery cards.”

Donations of goods for the shop can be made during open hours. An outdoor depository is planned. No goods are sold on consignment – the shop operates strictly on donations, Keenan said.
Starting Sept. 4, Opening Day, Raymond’s Wonderland Thrift will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, with ample parking in the Cozy Corner Plaza lot.

Raymond Historical Society annual Pancake Breakfast held at the depot down town.

Raymond Voter Information Project Opens Fall Membership Season - 7-19-12

The Raymond Voter Information Project (www.raymondvip.org) is pleased to announce its fourth season of voter education programs and information. Raymond VIP strives to provide clear, factual, comprehensive and objective information to help citizens understand warrant articles, make their own choices, and to believe that their vote can make a difference, especially in local elections.

   Raymond VIP produces a Fall Speaker Program, a Writing Challenge in collaboration with the Raymond School District, and a free voting guide with information about local elections which is mailed to Raymond households in March.

    Raymond VIP is committed to building an active membership that is able to participate in each phase of its editorial process, including reporting, test reading, and editorial committee service.   Membership is open to all registered Raymond voters.

    Raymond VIP is founded on the belief that the responsibility for good government rests on the shoulders of every citizen, that a well informed voter has the greatest freedom of choice, that it is possible to present objective voter information, and that the good of the Town of Raymond is best served when all its citizens participate in study, deliberation, and voting.  Members come from a broad range of careers and municipal experience, and have many personal viewpoints.  However, when working within Raymond VIP, they are committed to neither support nor oppose any political party, candidate or warrant article.

    The Raymond Voter Information Project is registered with the State of New Hampshire and with the Town of Raymond as a nonprofit corporation and a charitable trust, and is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) organization. The organization is currently soliciting funds to ensure publication of the voting guide. Tax deductible donations can be mailed to Raymond VIP, Box 813 Raymond, NH 03077.

   For more information contact Treasurer Marilyn Elliott at 895-4084 or access the website at www.raymondvip.org.

Congratulations to State Representative Paul Brown of Raymond.

Paul Brown was presented with the NH Liberty Alliance Legislator of the Year award for 2012 during the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance dinner on July 15.

paulbrown-legisltor2012.jpgWhen asked how he felt about it he said, "Quite honestly it's the first time I ever came in first for anything. I never played sports in High School and couldn't have attended college if I could have afforded it. It took 79 years to finally get first place in something and I am very proud of it."

Paul said he also holds the record for the longest break between sessions, from when he served as a state rep back in 1967 to 2010.

Thank you Paul Brown for serving as a NH State Representative.

Onway Lake boat access ramp in Raymond will be closed for repairs from July 23 through August 31.

Installation of a concrete boat ramp, parking for three trailered vehicles and five cartop vehicles, erosion control measures, and repavement of the access road will be completed by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Two new Board of Directors join RCFY- By Celeste Clark 7-19-12

The Raymond Coalition for youth, serving the community of Raymond NH is
excited to announce the addition of two new board of director members.

As of our June meeting Christine Bostaph a parent of two youth in the
Raymond school district, Girl Scout troop leader and actively involved
parent became a member.  Tammy Reardon, parent of four and assistant
Recreation Director for the town of Raymond also joined the board.  We are
very excited to have them both on our team working to Promote positive
healthy choices for our youth!

Current RCFY board members include Stephen Sloan, Chief David Salois, Mary
Taber, Dr. Jean Richards, Matthew Chouinard and Ali Bousquin.  RCFY does
have a requirement to attend 3 meeting before being elected as a member.
Annual elections for positions will be held in November at our annual
meeting.  If you are interested in learning more about the Raymond Coalition
for Youth or becoming involved please visit our website at www.rcfy.org  you
can also check us out on Facebook. 

 The RCFY mission is to empower the community to promote positive youth development and strengthen community assets by coordinating services and opportunities through prevention initiatives, including suicide, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

United Veterans Club of Raymond opens soon in new location.
By Cheryl Killam - 7-6-2012

The United Veterans Club of Raymond (UVCR) plans to open this fall in leased quarters in a 3,000-square-foot section of the Jewett building on the corner of Route 27 and Harriman Hill Road. That space is currently occupied by Natural or Not Salon and Spa, which is moving to the opposite end of the building, where it will share space with Keep in Touch! With K Massage Therapy.

The estimated opening date of the UVCR is September 13, 2012.  The estimated opening date for the salon and spa is end of July.

Members of the American Legion who are also members of the UVCR by their own choice have leased the space for the club in the Jewett building. The United Veterans Club of Raymond is not associated with the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW), both of which have specific dates of military service for membership. The UVCR was created for any citizen who has served in the United States Military, regardless of their dates of service.

A new UVCR building proposed for the land next to Radio Grove on Route 27 has been in the planning stages for several years, and Dave Peno, UVCR board chairman, said the club has spent over $30,000 on plans for its construction.

“The members voted that all future earthwork, foundation, septic system and landscaping will be paid for with cash,” Peno said. “Due to the current economy, donations to the UVCR have dropped 82 percent over the past few years."
The plans for the building next to Radio Grove, already on file with the town, will remain as presented to the planning board. The hope is that the building can be constructed in a few years.

Peno, who served as grand marshal in the Raymond 4th of July Parade, said the UVCR will be holding fund raisers at its new location to accumulate as much cash as possible to pay for the work at the building site, with the goal of taking out a loan to pay for construction. The fund raisers will include Bingo, beginning Oct. 15, as well as dances, dinners and other events.

The UVCR expects to acquire a new liquor license for the Jewett building location. The club’s planned hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., seven days a week. However, as American Legion members have day jobs, the hours may be adjusted to accommodate thee availability of members to run the club.

The new leased location is smoke free indoors, with a smoking zone outside, behind the building.

Meanwhile, the leased area will also be the permanent meeting place for the Cub Scouts. Among its other activities, the UVCR regularly donates food, clothes and money to pay for heat during the winter to members of the public in need. For questions about UVCR activities, call Dave Peno at 793-1185 or Ed Miller at 895-8888.

Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation Awards $5,000 to The Raymond Coalition for Youth for local community improvement Playground project - June 26,2012

The Raymond Coalition for Youth (RCFY) and the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation (LCEF) today announced a major gift to support The Raymond Coalition for Youth mission to Promote Positive Healthy Choices for Youth.

The Lowe’s/Keep America Beautiful Community Improvement Grant of $5,000 is one of 120 merit-based grants awarded nationally.  The one awarded to RCFY will support the building of a playground area at Riverside Park.

In a recent conversation with parents it was noted that there is a need for a place for families to go for down time and on the weekends for unstructured fun.  Many of the park areas in town have prescheduled soccer or baseball games and you need to go through the proper channels to arrange to use them.  Riverside Park is a beautiful, relaxing resource in our community that we want to encourage families to come and visit.  We hope the addition of this equipment will encourage more family involvement, a pickup game of kickball, volleyball or a picnic to relax.

 “We are very excited about this funding and are looking forward to promoting the use of Riverside Park.  We know that increasing the use of a remote location lessens the chances of risky behaviors taking place there.  This is a positive community improvement that will provide a positive way for youth and families to enjoy the great outdoors and have fun doing it”. Celeste Clark RCFY Executive Director. 

The grant program is being supported by Lowe’s company-wide volunteerism effort, Lowe’s Heroes. This initiative offers Lowe’s employees the opportunity to work on a project in their own neighborhood, helping to make their communities better places to live, work and play.

“Keep America Beautiful is proud of the positive impact that The Raymond Coalition for Youth’s project will have in the Raymond NH community,” said Keep America Beautiful President and CEO Matt McKenna. “We are truly grateful to Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation for its support and leadership that is being demonstrated in community sustainability.”

RCFY has been in Raymond for over ten years and works with community organizations, parents and youth to promote positive and healthy choices for Youth.  To learn more visit www.rcfy.org or check us out on Facebook.

Positive Raymond - A Community Conversation about our priorities, concerns, and ideas and How we can make Raymond a Great Place to Live, Work and Learn. -By Cheryl Killam

Over 60 residents attended for three hours on Saturday March 10th at the IHG Middle School. Read what the community had to say in the Positive Raymond Report.

Tuesday May 15 was the All Boards Meeting with the Positive Raymond group.

Positive Raymond held a meeting Tuesday May 15th at IHG Middle School, with members of all of the boards in town. It was attended by 25 people plus the NH Listens facilitator, with only one or two people per board attending.

The facilitator read the group agreements explaining that it’s Ok to disagree but don’t personalize it, speak for yourself, be respectful and use respectful language and listen first.

The facilitator asked what stood out as important issues in the report from the March 10 meeting. Responses started off with - Raymond has alot of positive things going on and we have alot of pride for our town. That changed quickly to lack of civil discourse, lack of communication, lack of respect, trust and fairness.  Words that suggest leadership in Raymond needs to make changes.

The list included:

Everyone was concerned about all the negative press written in the Union Leader.  One attendee asked the UL reporter why the good things are not covered in the paper as often and was told that it’s their job to report the facts and write stories that sell.  Some said we need to have a public relations group to help make the press more aware of the good things happening in Raymond.

Concerns raised included: that we need our town leaders to embrace Positive Raymond to help change the towns image, people need to listen more, be accountable and responsible for their actions and to not give the press anything negative to write about.    

Hopefully more residents will attend the next Positive Raymond meeting on Tuesday May 22nd from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Iber Holmes Gove Middle School café so we can continue this effort to create change and work towards building a more positive image of Raymond. 

Tuesday May 22 there was a second community work session that the public was invited to attend.

Only 23 residents attended, but there were a few new faces that replaced others that were unable to attend. Many discussions and suggestions were similar to those provided during the All Boards meeting.

The groups focused on the following key findings to establish action items:

Communication & Civil Discourse/Leadership & Collaboration: every group expressed the desire to improve communication and civility in the Raymond Community.

Community Development & Public Relations: there is a strong desire to tell the positive stories about Raymond to move beyond the negative stigma of the town.

Economic Development & Conservation: issues of balanced growth and development that would strengthen community and increase economic vitality was the third most addressed issue.

All of the information will be compiled and available on the Positive Raymond website very soon.


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