Contractor Bids Accepted for Hampstead Central School Renovations

Hampstead Voter Information at Voting News & Letters .

*** Letters to the Editor ***

Dave's Top 10 Reasons to Support Warrant Articles 2 & 4

Hampstead Continues to Grow and HCS is More Over-Crowded Than Ever

Lets Provide More Stability and Resilience In Our Educational System

Hampstead Teachers & Students Need a Better School

Now is the Time to Pass Articles 2 and 4

Hampstead Central School - Building our Community's Future

They want Bigger Music Room, Library, and a Fullsize Gymnasium at HCS

HCS Renovation is the Solution to Future Growth And Better Education

Support the HCS Addition So Children Have Proper Classrooms

Supporting Hampstead Central School Renovations

An Enlightened Learning Experience at HCS

Hampstead Central School Needs More Space

Vote Yes on Articles 2 and 4 for Hampstead Central School

Creative “Solutions” in Hampstead Central School Are Not Sustainable

Vote YES on Warrant Articles 2 and 4 For HCS on March 9th

*** NEWS ***

Hampstead Selectmen Hear Civic Club Plans to Hold Fishing Derby

Abutter Questions Legality of Lot Line Adjustment Request to Hampstead Planning Board

Hampstead School Board Hears Safe Learning Model Still Undetermined Following February Vacation

Hampstead Selectmen Accept Labrador Lane as Town Road

All Articles Moved to the Ballot at Hampstead Town Deliberative

Hampstead Public Library News for February thru March 2021

Hampstead School District 2021 Deliberative Moves All Articles Unchanged

Hampstead Has Two Candidates for Superintendent

Hampstead's Central School Principal Collins Retires After 40 Plus Years

Hampstead Selectmen Continue Discussion On Labrador Lane

Hampstead 2021 Budget and Warrant Articles Public Hearing

2021 School Budget Approved by the Hampstead School Board

Service Organizations Speak to Hampstead Board of Selectmen

Hampstead School Board Approve Central School 60s Wing Project Article

Hampstead School Board Need to Identify Funding for Project

Hampstead Planning Board Reviews Zoning Amendments

****************************** 2020 ****************************

Hampstead Board of Selectmen Halt Conservation Commission Criticism

Hampstead Police Department Loses Two Officers

Hampstead School Board Presented with Multi Million Dollar Central School Plan Which Doesn't Include 60s Wing

Hampstead Public Library December News

Hampstead Planning Board Approve 2021 Zoning Proposals

Hampstead School Board Names Superintendent Search Committee Members

Hampstead Selectmen Hear More Public Concern Over Conservation Commission Right to Know

Hampstead Board of Selectmen Set 2021 Tax Rate

Hampstead School Board Hears Plan on Renovating Central School

Hampstead Planning Board Tackles Route 111 Emerson Avenue Development Issues

Hampstead School Board Votes to Move Forward to Hybrid Learning

Hampstead Selectmen Heard Seniors Holiday Dinner Will Be Pick-up Only

Hampstead School Board Members Decry Facebook Post

Hampstead Public Library Fall Program and Two New Employees

Hampstead School Board Heard About Difficulty of In-Person Learning with Six Foot Distancing

Hampstead Selectmen Review the 2021 Town Budget

Hampstead School Board Discussed Return to In Person Safe Learning

Hampstead Planning Board Continues Five Old Business Hearings

******************************* September 2020 *******************************

Hampstead Selectmen Approve of Modified Christmas Parade

Hampstead School Board Hears about Successful Start of School

Hampstead Selectmen Hear From the Water Resource Committee

Hampstead Planning Board Deals with Route 111 and Emerson Avenue Subdivision

Hampstead School Board Tentatively Approves New Hampstead Central School Plan

******************************* August 2020 *******************************

Hampstead School Board Member Karen Yasenka Addresses Community Facebook Comments

Hampstead Selectmen Discuss Election Assistance and Absentee Ballots

Hampstead School Board Present District SAU Transition Plan

Hampstead School Board Discuss Virtual Safe Learning Project

Hampstead Selectmen Delay Opening Veterans Memorial Gym

Hampstead School Board Recommendation Passes with Three to Two Vote

******************************* July 2020 *******************************

Hampstead Police Chief Wonders About School Resource Officer Position

Hampstead School Board Plans Public Forum

Metzler Out as SAU 55 Superintendent but Hired as Hampstead Consultant

Kent Farm Transfer Station Swap Shop Opens This Saturday

Hampstead Public Library Youth Services Librian Leaving

Hampstead Selectmen Award Paving Contract to Busby Construction

Hampstead Lieutenant Robert Kelley Promoted to Deputy Chief

Hampstead Incident and Arrest of Shaine Clarke Reynolds

******************************* June 2020 *******************************

Hampstead School Board  Discusses How to Introduce Single Status to Public

Hampstead Selectmen Heard from Hampstead Area Water Co. About Decontamination Change

Hampstead Recycling and Waste Disposal Committee (RAWD), the Hampstead Public Library Trustees, and the Recreation Commission News

Hampstead Fun in the Sun Summer Programs for Kids

Hampstead School Board Increases Fund Balance Retention

Hampstead Selectmen Postpone Fourth of July Fireworks

Hampstead Middle School Eighth Grade Graduation

Hampstead Planning Board Reorganizes and Hears Full Agenda

******************************* May 2020 *******************************

Hampstead Selectmen Approve Stipend for First Responders

Hampstead School Board Moves Forward With Construction Committee

Hampstead School Board Decides Future Meetings will be Held in the Schools

Hampstead Selectmen Continue Police Lieutenant Pay Discussion

Hampstead Public Library Will Reopen in Phases

******************************* April 2020 *******************************

Hampstead Selectmen Discuss Lieutenant Robert Kelley's Pay Issue and Delay Mowing Contract

Hampstead School Board Approves Last Day of School, May 29

Hampstead Selectmen Pick Chairman and Discuss Multiple Contracts

Hampstead School Board Wins Court Case Decision to Receive SAU 55 Report

Hampstead School Board Reorganizes and Looks Ahead at SAU Separation

*********************************** 2017 **********************************

Library Friends Honor Long-Time Program Coordinator Louise Pryor

Community Action Fuel Assistance Program Accepting Applications

New Homes For Heroes® Program Comes to Raymond Area Towns




















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