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Charmingfare Farm Brings Changes to their 7th Summer CSA Program

This summer, Charmingfare Farm in Candia will be expanding on their long established Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  Garden Program to bring new flare and better produce to the local population.  While CSA Programs, including Charmingfare's, have existed for years now, few people are aware of them because of their limited availability.  Charmingfare's CSA Garden Program offers community members the chance to support and enjoy organically grown, fresh, local produce straight from the Farm through membership in the Program.

Charmingfare’s Program has distinguished itself from the rest by providing a more experiential pick-up system.  Pick-ups this year will be held on Wednesdays from 4-7pm.  The difference in experience is instant, Charmingfare’s CSA Garden Share acts more like a Farmer’s Market with an interactive staff allowing shareholders the ability to pick and choose what their family needs.  In addition, we have experienced friendly Garden Managers who are very knowledgable about the growing techniques employed here at the Farm and are happy to answer any questions!

The program is different in one last way that most folks would not believe!  Charmingfare has a Zoo with native North American wildlife that Shareholders plus three additional guests will receive free admission to Wednesdays throughout the Harvest.  On those days we encourage you to bring your family along and show them the fields from which their produce is being harvested.  It is a great educational experience to be able to track the food from the seed to your plate.  In addition to that your family will get to witness firsthand the agricultural animals and the jobs they fill on the Farm!  If you just need a little more excitement, go down to the North American wildlife exhibit and learn about the exotic animals that call this Continent home!

Among the many new exciting changes coming to the 2015 season we will be extending the harvest from 18 to 20 weeks allowing for two extra weeks of fresh local produce.  Another addition will be our strawberries!  This past summer we planted strawberries in the hopes that in the 2015 season our CSA members will have access to strawberries, either Pick-Your-Own or available at the weekly pick-up.  For more information on the CSA Program and the new changes coming to the 2015 season, or if you are interested in becoming a member give Rob a call at (603)-483-3376 and he will be more than happy to assist you.

Wondering What a CSA is?  Or how it is different from a Farmer’s Market?

You are not alone!  Many people wonder how is a CSA different from a Farmer’s Market?  A Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA) allows individuals and families the opportunity to purchase “shares” in the Farm.  Every Wednesday for 20 weeks in the Harvest season members will fill their bag with freshly picked produce straight from our Farm. It is a great way to support local Farms while being sure that the food you are putting in you or your child’s body is safe.  With the constant concerns over salmonella people are being a lot more diligent regarding where their food comes from, and how it is grown.

The difference between the CSA and a Farmer’s Market is the fact that CSA members own a “share” of their Farm.  They know that every week they will be provided with organically grown, freshly picked, local food.  Farmer’s Markets are great for those of us with flexible schedules, but they also take a significant amount of time, and you never know what you’re going to get.  Often times with Farmer’s Markets the best food is picked first and availability depends directly on what the vendor is able to acquire.  With a CSA you know that the food will be there every week, and you have the added benefit with Charmingfare’s Program to come down and tour the Gardens.  We encourage all of our members or potential members to come down to the Farm and have a conversation with one of our friendly knowledgeable Garden Managers.  They will be able to tell you all about the growing techniques employed as well as show you exactly where your produce is being grown, an added benefit that most Farmer’s Markets will not  be able to provide.

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About Charmingfare Farm:  Charmingfare Farm has supplied families with fun for decades ranging from winter sleigh rides to our seasonal horse-trail rides.  The Farm also supplies locals with produce and meat through our CSA Garden and Livestock programs.  The Zoo at the Farm has been New Hampshire’s family hotspot since 1985 and it currently exhibits native North American Wildlife.  More about Charmingfare Farm and their CSA Program can be found at



























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