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Kent Farm Transfer Station Swap Shop Opens This Saturday
 By Penny Williams  7-17-20

At long last the Swap Shop, sponsored by the Recycling and Waste Committee at the Kent Farm Transfer Station will be  up and running as of Saturday, July 18.

The sign for the Swap Shop is up on the building and Recycling and Waste Disposal Chair Ellen Cabral spent almost 4 hours at the June bulk collection day collecting items for the Swap Shop. 

Cabral said there were shelves that came in that she was able to get for the trailer. She tried scanning cars for items that could be set aside.  A flyer will be put together to hand out at the July bulk collection.

 The Swap Shop will officially open on Saturday, July 18th.  The committee agreed to open the Saturday after the Transfer Station  opened based on following Covid-19 safety precautions by allowing the items to sit for a few days.

 The committee discussed that for dropping off items, individuals would need a sticker for the Transfer Station.  This prevents non-residents from dropping off items and then the Town of Hampstead having to pay to dispose of it later.  There would be no Transfer Station permit required just to go to the Swap Shop when it is open. 

The Swap Shop  will  be open from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  The committee went over the items that are allowed and disallowed. These are listed on the sign on the trailer.  Committee member Chris Kowalski suggested keeping a log of what comes in and maybe pictures of the items.  This would give them an idea of what items are of interest. In addition, the committee discussed changing up the hours if there is interest in this.  Cabral and committee member Reinhild Davis will work the first day the Swap Shop is open on July 18, and they plan to be there from 9 a.m. to noon.

Recycling Administrative Secretary Tina Harrington will reach out to Isaiah 58 to see what they may need before Recycling disposes of any items left behind at the Swap Shop. 

Cabral told the committee she attended the Selectmen’s meeting on June 22nd and presented the recommendation from the committee on awarding the Household Hazardous Waste Collection day to Tradebe Environmental.  She noted that the Selectmen accepted the recommendation.  The contract is now in process.  The other towns have been updated and both Tradebe and the previous vendor, Veolia, were contacted.

The scheduled collection date is Saturday, October 24.   Harrington noted that there  may need to be  a separate port a potty provided for the company to use.  Cabral went over the proposed layout that will of have the residents come in the exit road and have a Town truck there to collect the items such as the waste oil, lights and regular batteries.

Davis gave an update on a Webinar through the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) that she attended.  It gave an update on the impact that Covid-19 has had on the recycling market.  With the majority of businesses closed for a period of time, the paper market and cardboard markets have taken a hit whereas most of the recyclables come from businesses. 

Kowalski noted that effective July 1st, the State of Vermont has moved to mandatory composting. Composting is  something the committee has considered trying to start in Hampstead but to date there hasn't been much interest or progress with the issue.
Committee member Proctor Wentworth asked if signs could be placed on the cardboard container at the Kent Farm Transfer Station stating the cardboard must be broken down.  He also noted that he is seeing the Pinard trash truck going into Cranberry Meadows every Tuesday for a short period of time and that the normal collection day for that area is on Monday.  Harrington said she would check on this with Tony Belanger, Pinard Waste Removal representative.

Kowalski also noted that he is seeing more trash carts tipped over.  He told the committee he watched the driver a few times and the truck is going so fast that it is actually moving forward to the next stop before the emptied cart is all the way back on the ground.  Harrington said she  will bring this concern up with  Belanger as well.  Kowalski also noted that he sees more trash covers open as that people are putting too much in the carts.   Harrington reminded the committee residents are allowed to have tops up to 6 inches.  There may also be times that the drivers know the home only puts out trash every other week for example. 

Harrington noted that the cost for mattresses is still an issue and will bring it up again with Belanger.  Cabral announced that there were webinars that people could attend in lieu of the annual NRRA conference.  Harrington sent out the list of upcoming webinars. 

Cabral asked if they could cancel the meeting scheduled for August and everyone was okay with that change.  The meetings will now be held at 7:00 pm.














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