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Hampstead Middle School Eighth Grade Graduation
By Penny Williams 6-9-20

Like so many other graduations, the Hampstead Middle School eighth graders graduation was different than the usual event but included all the emotion, the excitement and the pride of those that have gone before and those that will come after. The virtual graduation was held on Thursday, June 4, and the community, family and friends, were able to watch and vicariously participate with the graduates through the Hampstead Advisory Cable TV program.

Hampstead Middle School Principal Maria DiNola said in part, "History was made on the day you were born, the day you said your first words, took your first steps and during the year of your graduation from middle school. The historical and life changing worldwide pandemic called COVID -19 occurred during March of your 8th grade year which affected the world globally and locally here at HMS.  This event will forever remind you of your place in life during this unique time.

Together, your class worked very hard learning in a remote setting. Learning continued differently and you met the challenge. Amidst uncertainty and fear, the Class of 2020 focused on finishing strong with hearts full of hope. You reached out to one another and to your teachers virtually to let them know that together, we would rise up and be stronger for this unbelievable challenge. That is what the HMS Class of 2020 has done since kindergarten and now as you complete your 8th grade, you have proven yourselves Hawk Strong and Hawk Proud!"

Hampstead School District Superintendent Earl Metzler said in part, "It would be an understatement to say the last few months of your 8th grade school experience has been anything but typical. The implementation of remote learning in mid-March due to the pandemic has had a significant effect on our daily lives as well as in our ability to interact with one another in a school setting. It has further interfered with our annual events to celebrate your accomplishments and successes with end of the school year activities. I want to remind each of you that these challenges have absolutely no bearing on your accomplishments and successes; you worked hard to achieve and earn them. For this I offer you my sincerest congratulations. I encourage you to look back at your experiences through the lens of not only how others contributed to your successes at school, but how you contributed to others. Then go one step further. Use whatever inventory of experiences you recall as a baseline for how you will interact and contribute towards your upcoming experiences in high school. In looking ahead, high school is an opportunity to set new goals; it serves as a fresh start. My personal and very best wish for each of our graduating eighth graders, is that you work smart over the next four years in taking every advantage that high school offers you."

Morgan Berard and Adam Day were the Hampstead Middle School Scholar Leaders and each presented remarks as part of the graduation program. Part of their speeches follow.

 Berard said, "Congratulations, Hampstead Middle School Class 2020, on being the first students in Hampstead history with an online “virtual graduation” which may be the beginning of many future “first” accomplishments for us. Our class has “stuck out” on so many occasions throughout our experiences as youngsters at Central School to the pinnacle of being role models in grade eight and now soon to be graduates. Teachers and our school community continue to congratulate us on our great behavior and younger students in the building look up to each one of us. Teachers and our school community, and fellow students have all got us to where we are today and have helped us through the times when we needed an extra push.

  "These are challenging times for our community and as 8th graders, we definitely weren’t expecting this type of send off , but we are grateful to be here right now.

Never stop working hard whether it's at Pinkerton, a different school or with anything in life. Thank you to Hampstead and to everyone, especially our families, who have pushed us to succeed and who helped us get here today." 

Adam Day said as he spoke to his classmates, " I see good-hearted avid learners, who strive for the best and exceed expectations. More than this I see the most unique and unconventional class who has ever walked the halls. In a time of uncertainty and a feeling of loss, passion for learning and focus can be a challenge, but we have been able to keep our motivation and perseverance. 

"As Ramana Marshi, an Indian Hindu sage once said, “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” This is exactly what we are going through. Our perseverance has helped us through to the success of graduating. We are a unique group of athletes, musicians, performers, students, and leaders, who not only strived to make our school a better place, but also play an important role in supporting our community. Our class is a role model for every student, with the hope that once they are in eighth grade, they will be a role model for their lower grades, like we were. I truly believe that each and every one of us will continue on a pathway to success, and help shape tomorrow's future. Our unique class will strive for great academic achievements and life accomplishments. I am thankful to be a part of this journey and can’t wait to see what we accomplish."

Zach Khambatta and Marly Wisecarver presented the class gift. Zach said, "When I think of the class of 2020, I think of one thing. Selflessness. From the 1st grade at the Central School, up until now, we have worked to not only achieve our own goals and passions, but to help others achieve theirs. As a class, we recognize the need to help others when they face adversity and hardships, and because of a desire to help our community, our class gift consists of donations to charitable organizations.

  "The first of these organizations will include Doctors without Borders. This organization aids those who have sought out refuge from violence, poverty, and persecution. Specifically, we donated $268 to help those at the Mexican border. This donation will offer a better chance for life in the United States. In addition, I hope that our donation will allow for those impacted to be able to have the same opportunities that I have had while growing up. As well as the ability to seek out their own dreams and aspirations. 

"Our second donation goes to the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success based in Manchester, New Hampshire. This organization aids in the resettlement of refugees and immigrants in New Hampshire. They do this by providing assistance, training, resources, and opportunities through farming. Throughout 2019, 15.7 acres of land was made accessible for immigrant and refugee farmers in Southern New Hampshire. In addition, over 70,000 lbs of food was grown. Overall, we donated $521 to the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success. With this donation, our class was able to help out our neighboring communities.

"Our final donation in the amount of $522 will be going to the St. Anne food pantry and to the St. Anne Financial Assistance fund. Our class realizes the need to help out our own community in times of uncertainty. We are grateful that our donations will help support our Hampstead families and neighbors. 
Today, each of us will be moving onto a new chapter in our lives. And with that, I would like to say thank to all of my fellow 8th graders who have stepped up and positively impacted other people's lives."
    Wisecarver added, "It’s hard to believe our time here is almost over. Over the years, our class has formed an unbreakable bond, and we have defined ourselves as leaders. Although these times have been very difficult, the class of 2020 has remained strong, and we are here to honor all of the hard work we have put in over our Hampstead student careers. We have overcome so much here, and I am proud of my classmates and their achievements. There are so many words that could be used to describe our class. Hard-working, selfless, kind, and intelligent are a few that come to mind. We have had great accomplishments throughout our four years here. I am honored that with our class gift, we are able to give funds to assist others. This is our last day as Hampstead Hawks. We will always remember our time at this school and we have learned so much throughout the years.”
      The class of 2020 received their awards that include the following:
Math: Dominica Lai, Nolan Matuszak
Science: Erin Flynn, Aiden Dowd
Social Studies: Lark Johnson, Ethan Merritt
Spanish: Ryan Breen, Zachary Khambatta
Literature: Gianna Rosa, Elliot Garner
English Composition: Amaya Eaton, Julianna Richard
Chorus: Kaitlyn Raposa, Jonathan Uber
Physical Education/Wellness: Elizabeth Lavoie, Jacob Adrien
Industrial Arts: Alan Moyer
Art: Giavanna Franciosa, Logan Laperriere
Outstanding Musician: Sophie Hodge Band: Brayden Scribner, Matthew Snodgrass Excellence in Theatre Madison Campbell, Landon Sprague
Coaches’ Award: Madison Schoenenberger, Joshua Jones
Recycling: Trey Baker
Dale Child’s Award: Dominica Lai
Lion’s Club: Marly Wisecarver
Mason’s Magic: Taylor Curran
NELMS Scholar Leaders: Morgan Berard, Adam Day
Patriot’s Pen: Ava Bennett (1st in State of New Hampshire and 13th in National Competition), Molly Sweeney, Lark Johnson, Joseph Cronin, Jack Martin
Scholar Athletes: Jacob Adrien, Aidan Ahern, Ava Bennett, Morgan Berard, Hannah Bernard, Ryan Breen, Aiden Dowd, Erin Flynn, Alexa Gullage, Lark Johnson, Joshua Jones, Zachary Khambatta, Elizabeth Lavoie, Elise LeBlanc, Morgen Metzler, Paige Murray, Joseph Packowski, Cameron Riley, Gianna Rosa, Madison Schoenenberger, Molly Sweeney, Anthony Terrile
ABC: Morgan Berard, Hannah Bernard, Tatum Billingsley, Shannon Caffelle, Sarah Cipriano, Sophia DeSimone, Erin Flynn, Alexa Gullage, Joshua Jones, Piper Knowlton, Thomas Manning, Morgen Metzler, Isabelle Murphy, Iszabella Myszkowski, Andrew Overy, Joseph Packowski, Isabella Pappalardo, Gianna Rosa, Adam Scala, Madison Schoenenberger, Emma Wheeler
Student Council: Trey Baker, Morgan Berard, Hannah Bernard, Chloe Bliaya, Ryan Breen, Shannon Caffelle, Madison Campbell, Emma Cate, Sarah Cipriano, Adam Day, Sophia DeSimone, Aiden Dowd, Amaya Eaton, Erin Flynn, Elliot Garner, Sophie Hodge, Lark Johnson, Dominica Lai, Zachary Khambatta, Elizabeth Lavoie, Elise LeBlanc, Jack Martin, Morgen Metzler, Isabelle Murphy, Iszabella Myszkowski, Joseph Packowski, Gianna Rosa, Madison Schoenenberger, Benning Wentworth, Hannah White, Marly Wisecarver
Makerspace: Anthony Abruzzese, Ryan Breen, Alexander Henry, Adam Scala
Recess Rangers: Juliana Adams, Jacob Adrien, Ava Bennett, Morgan Berard, Chloe Bliaya, Lauren Bussiere, Shannon Caffelle, Madison Campbell, Ty Cameron, Emma Cate, Sarah Cipriano,Taylor Curran, Sophia DeSimone, Amaya Eaton, Elliot Garner, Lark Johnson, Erin Flynn, Zachary Fortin, Alexa Gullage, Landon Gile, Dominica Lai, Elizabeth Lavoie, Jack MacDonald, Jack Martin, Nolan Matuszak, Morgen Metzler, Paige Murray, Iszabella Myszkowski, Andrew Overy, Brayden Scribner, Anthony Terrile.














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