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Horse Lovers Are Always Welcome At North Road Farm
By Penny Williams - 2-16-15

North Road Farm in Fremont offers a bucolic setting wrapped in layers of historic lore. The original dwelling and barn date back to the early 1800s, and although the original farmhouse was destroyed and rebuilt in 1977, the more modern version closely resembles its ancestor.

In 1998 Jan Brubacher and her husband, Rich, restored North Road Farm, bringing to reality her life-long love affair with horses and riding. Today, the farm is a clean, safe but exciting private horseback riding academy, horse camp, and 4-H club for children, with programs for all ages and for people with disabilities.

The horses all belong to Brubacher - there are no boarders at North Road Farm, contributing to the sense of calm evident on the property. The barn is spotless, and when you venture into the pasture, you’re likely to find the horses ready to greet visitors, hoping for a pat or possibly an apple or carrot.

For horse lovers this is the ideal place to ride and to learn to enjoy horses, riding and the countryside. The atmosphere exudes enthusiasm for horseback riding and love of the animals just for themselves.

Brubacher, who has spent a lifetime riding, has created a horse lovers’ dream at North Road Farm. Riders can choose English or Western style and can select from dressage, eventing, hunter/jumper, bareback, trail and beach equestrian areas.

Horseback riding lessons are available and whether solo or small group, they are tailored to the individuals involved. Brubacher said all her horses have friendly, easygoing temperaments and are well behaved. She has both full sized horses and several smaller ones that are ideal for young riders.

Brubacher founded the 4-H Peppermint Ponies Horse Club in 2004 and said she enjoys working with and teaching the enthusiastic 5- to 18-year-old members. She teaches them how to care for the tack and the barn area along with riding skills. Her club holds twice-monthly meetings and is part of University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and the Rockingham County 4-H Horse Leaders Association. Brubacher said the club offers very much of “a hands-on” approach.

Brubacher also provides therapeutic riding, which she said has been found to be beneficial for autistic young people and adults. She is a trained therapeutic riding instructor.

And she offers a Horse Apprentice Program for students, 4-H members, and special groups. This high-energy Saturday morning program is designed to teach participants about horses and farm management through actually doing the work. She teaches health, fitness and horse riding and care skills. Members learn about feed, hay, and the general care of horses, and participate in that care. They learn what is involved in creating and maintaining a clean, safe barn and how to handle the various tools and tack associated with horse care and maintenance.

Brubaker also hosts a Summer Horse Day Camp in June, July and August. This is a popular program, with many kids coming back year after year. The camp includes riding, having fun and interacting with other campers, and helping care for the horses. It is open to 5-year-old beginners all the way to adults and people with disabilities.

Before Brubacher achieved her dream at North Road Farm, she was part of corporate America, working as a network developer, a job she said she thoroughly enjoyed. But when it evaporated, she found North Road Farm and is now invested in and content with her life there. She is proud of her farm, and is pleased to be able to focus on her animals and with whomever she is working.

Brubacher is the consummate professional horsewoman and is a skilled and award-winning rider herself who still takes lessons because she said there is always more to learn. And perhaps what pleases her most is being able to look out over her acreage and see her horses grazing contentedly, enjoying their life outside. They’re happy, she said, and that, along with the extensive training they get, makes them well behaved.

Whether you have a horse-loving youngster who wants the opportunity to ride and learn horsemanship skills, someone who would benefit from therapeutic riding lessons, or you just want to learn to ride, plan to visit North Road Farm at 370 North Road in Fremont.

For information regarding the programs Brubacher offers, visit For information on the 4-H Peppermint Ponies Club, visit Or call Brubacher at 303-1584.

She notes with a big smile, “Visitors are always welcome.”







Fire Chief Kevin Pratt said, "this is really great to see people using the beach, hopefully we can keep doing this each year."























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