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Fremont Community Television Returns - 2-16-15

After a number of years of being dark, Fremont Community Television (FCTV)
Channel 22; which serves Comcast subscribers in Fremont; is back on the

Fremont resident and volunteer Bruce White began about 8 months ago
with a community bulletin board. He then added local programs by recording
concerts, parades, and other events during the Town's 250th Anniversary
celebration. Recently he has recorded the Budget Committee Public Hearing
and both the Town and School Deliberative Sessions. All three are playing
on Ch. 22.

With the support of Fremont Town Administrator Heidi Carlson and some
technical help from Raymond Community Television Coordinator Kevin Woods,
White approached the Fremont Selectmen with a plan to re-organize the
community cable access channel. They approved a plan to use funds in the
Cable TV Revolving Fund to upgrade the master control playback system,
provide the Town with a digital camera/recorder and purchase equipment to
allow live and recorded meetings from the Town Hall basement meeting room.

On Thursday night February 12th, FCTV broadcast its first Board of
Selectmen's meeting live. With three robotically controlled cameras and
four microphones everyone could be seen and heard clearly. According to
Town Administrator Heidi Carlson, "This is the first step in bringing town
government out to the residents of Fremont. It will provide a way for
voters to be more aware of what is happening in their town". White has
submitted a draft of a FCTV Policy Manual to the Selectmen. Woods says,
"Having a formal set of policies that are approved by the Board of Selectmen gives the station structure. It defines it as a Public, Education, and Government Access channel and establishes procedures for the operation of the station."

The heart of any community activity is its volunteers. White and Carlson
are looking for residents who would be interested in creating bulletin
board slides, helping with government meetings, and recording local events
or programs of their own. "Access television is the soapbox of this
millennium" says Woods, "It is a way for residents to show off the great
things happening in their community and schools, express their opinions,
and see what their government officials are discussing".

Those interested in learning more about or volunteering for FCTV can contact Carlson and White at or by phone at 895-2226 x 10.








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