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Epping Garden Club Seeks New Members to Help Beautify Town
By Penny Williams 4-18-17

The Epping Garden Club dates back to 1932, to the days when many women did not work outside the home, and the club had many members. Today, however, the club struggles to attract sufficient members to help keep Epping looking pretty and welcoming.

Garden Club member Eunice Miller hopes that with the coming of spring and summer, the club will attract new members. Meanwhile, she gives it her all, but even that sometimes isn't enough. However, she said the club’s recent pansy sale was a big success. The club sold bowls of pansies for $12.50 each, and keeps $1.50 to $1.75 from each sale to buy bark mulch for various spots around town. The club also planted some of the pansies to add color to the areas it cares for in Epping.

Miller said there were so few volunteers for the recent mulching project that she had to hire a landscaper to pick up and deliver the mulch. Areas beautified by the club include St. Laurent and Main Street, Main Street and Elm, Blake and Old State Road, Watson Academy just off Main Street, and in front of the sign at the Epping Safety Complex on Pleasant Street.

Miller said she also took mulch behind the building near the fire department door and created a bed, dressing it up with pots of pansies in the police and fire department colors.

Miller said the club meets the second Sunday of every month except in winter. She noted that they did little last summer and fall because of the drought, watering the corners and intersections sparingly, but she hopes for better weather and results this year. She also hopes the club’s plant sales and activities will attract new and younger residents as members.

The club conducts three plant sales a year - a mum sale in September, a poinsettia sale with orders taken in November and the plants delivered in December, and the spring pansy sale.

"Our goal is to build community one corner at a time," Miller said. "We want people to see and know that our town is cared for."

Miller said the club plans to have a table offering hanging baskets and annuals for sale at the fair held the day before Mother's Day, Saturday, May 13 at the American Legion on Route 125. Club members will staff the table between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

For more information regarding the Epping Garden Club visit the club’s Facebook page at Epping Garden Club facebook page, and Miller said she is available to answer questions or talk with anyone interested in membership. She can be reached at eppinggardenclub@gmail.com or call (603) 300-0064














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