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Chester’s Scarecrows Are A Town Tradition
By Heather Vitella For Raymond Area News 10-18-12

Driving through the town of Chester has become a slower affair these days, now that Routes 102 and 121A, which intersect in town, are populated with scarecrows. From a farmer and his pig, to a cowboy on a horse and a water skier pursued by a shark, the burlap-headed characters add to the falling leaves and classic New England homes.


Even the side streets have scarecrows this year. Take a trip down Old Sandown Road, cross Route 102 to North Pond Road and then on to Candia Road, and you’ll find Superman, Uncle Sam and a surfer.

The scarecrows are a fundraiser for the Chester Historical Society. In 2010, the Historical Society created and sold 60 scarecrow kits. Residents purchased the kits and then created personalized scarecrows. Since then, the scarecrows have become a town tradition, with 275 kits sold for 2012.


Dawn Leamer of Raymond has driven through Chester to see them. “We love the Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They are really cute and I enjoy seeing them,” she said. She also said it was fun for her kids to see the scarecrows.

Workers created the scarecrow kits at a “Scarecrow Sweatshop,” featured on the group’s webpage at Sylvia Anderson cut out the scarecrow heads from burlap material, and Judy Pepper, Jackie Brown and Alexandria Hadik painted the faces. Diane and Jean Methot worked together to sew the heads, turn them right-side out and then iron them. Don Brown created the body structure from wood.


The group’s Facebook page is being updated daily with photos of the scarecrows. Check it out at













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