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Russian Egg Painting Presentation and Workshop
By Cheryl Killam  4-12-17

Russian egg painting is an art that dates back to the early 1800's and was treasured by the royalty of Russia.

Marina Forbes gave a presentation, at the Stevens Hall in Chester on Monday, April 10th, about the Russian Fabergé Eggs with a series of photos of eggs designed and created by renowned artist Peter Carl Fabergé. She said each egg photo has a story of workmanship and a history of its own.

Marina Forbes showing Fabergé eggs presentation and sharing history.


Forbes said the Russian Tsar had conditions for Fabergé when he designed and created his egg: it had to be unique, in the shape of an egg, and it had to be a surprise.

Farbergé created one very special egg, the horse carriage egg, that he gave to the Russian Tsar Alexandar III, who then gave it to his wife as an Easter gift in 1885.

Forbes hoped to show everyone images that would be inspiring to their inner creative selves, like cherry blossoms or bright colors that they really love.








Marina Forbes explained that Easter is the biggest holiday of the year in Russian and Orthodox Tradition and it has been that way for over 1000 years. The egg is round, depicting the circle of eternity, and it's the symbol of spring, new life and new beginnings.

The Spring Bouquet is one of the most exquiste eggs with diamonds and gems in the enamel.


Eggs can be oval or round but they should be some shape for your trademark or branding. Eggs can be decorated with unlimited ideas and themes.

Some can be natural or underpainted with a single subject or have landscapes with pink and purple skies.



Others can have flowers, leaves, fruits, trees, birds, cats, puppies, people, straight lines or flowing lines. It's all about how you feel while painting and there is no right or wrong way.



Forbes handed the 12 attendees strips of paint pots and small flat brushes for wide strokes and thin pointed brushes for fine lines.



Forbes continued that it's all about emotion and what perspective you want to present, "painting with rhythm and a variety of designs and colors." She added, that the brushes are held as an extension of your arm. The paint is controlled by the brush and painters should let the brush paint by itself.



The artists begain painting the base colors, which dried very fast.






Marina Forbes' Faberge Egg presentation was sponsored by the Friends of the Chester Library. She is a member of the NH State Council for the Arts, has received awards from the National Council of the Arts and is a frequent speaker for the NH Humanities Council.

For more information about the Russian tradition of Egg Painting, or to attend a workshop, art classes or lecture with Marina Forbes, visit Marina Forbes website. .











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