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New And Old Friends Connect At The Sonshine Community Table  1- 20-14
 By Cheryl Killam

At Sonshine Community Table’s dinner Monday night, Jan. 20, a couple friends sitting at one table,  who have been attending the  dinners since they began in November ,  said they just learned something new about each other. And that is exactly why  they come. 

“It brings people together and for those who need a good meal once a week, it’s a great place to come, “ said Pat Morin.  “ It’s a warm, comfortable family atmosphere  to enjoy each other’s company, meet new people  and it’s fun for the volunteers too. “ . 



The Sonshine Community Table is open from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. each week on Monday nights at the Raymond Baptist Church .   If you and your family or friend are in need of a warm, nutritious meal and want some companionship, then bring the children, bring the grandparents and bring the neighbors too. The best part is the dinners are free to everyone who comes.




 “They make this work with teams of volunteers", said Kathleen Fitton.

The  volunteers  are students, community and  church members and friends who  sign up  to cook, serve and clean up. Some volunteers are asked to be the “intentional  guest” sitting at the tables to welcome people to their table for dinner and to introduce each other  and encourage discussions by sharing interesting things about their friends.



“ A few members of the cook team might come into the kitchen early to get some of the meal items laid out in pans and ready to be cooked or even cooked ahead of time,”  said Donna Wheeler, another volunteer,  “while  the rest of the cook team comes in later in the afternoon to cut up salads,  and cook the rice, vegetables and any other side dishes they plan to serve. “

The dinner food items of meat, fish and some desserts are donated by the Tuckaway Tavern  and there is more than enough to serve the 50 to 60 people who attend each week. 

Joyce Edwards serving coffee.



Barbara Prentiss brings her mom, Carol Jerauld of Raymond, each week “to make sure that she gets a good meal and has some social time with her friends.  I don’t like her being stuck at home alone all the time.”, she said.

The meal served Jan. 20, included a fresh garden salad in a bowl,  and a plate with moist baked fish, steamed mixed garden vegetables  and cheddar rice.  If a guest did not eat fish, beef stew was available upon request.

There was an assortment of desserts to choose from, including apple and pumpkin pie, apple crisp, sponge cake, chocolate cake and cupcakes. 


Kim Reid, Lynn Breeze and Dee Harmon serving desserts.
Kim Reid  picks up all of the donated baked goods from Hannaford on Monday  mornings; that includes some of the  desserts .   There are a couple “Take Home Tables”  covered with assorted breads, salads  and even some pre-cooked packaged  meals, also donated by Hannaford.  




No one should ever leave hungry.  Everyone is  encouraged to take a loaf of  bread from the take-home table and a  to-go box with food for the next night, so that nothing gets wasted.


Even the younger folks get involved with volunteering by doing the dishes and getting everything cleaned up.


The Raymond Baptist Church is also starting  another program in the old church building on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for anyone who wants to drop in for a FREE cup of coffee or a free hot meal. 

The Alliance is a Peer Support Group that offers a loving, safe, environment for people who have a mental illness diagnosis, or those who are at risk of mental illness, including DEPRESSION and is a branch of Seacoast Consumer Alliance Peer Support Center. 

The Alliance will be held in the downstairs of the Raymond Baptist Church building built in the 1960s on route 27 (on the RBC property and is open from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting.  Entrance is from the side near the parking lot.

The Alliance is offering a FREE hot lunch at 12:30 every Tuesday and Thursday, so come and be surprised.  Group sessions of verbal interaction are avialable. Everyone is encouraged to become members free of charge.  Soon they will create a monthly newsletter and come up with ideas and plans for mutual enjoyment. 

 Companionship, socialization, a cup of coffee and some time away from home is often good for the soul.  All are welcome to come in for a warm place out of the winter weather and for company.  

For questions, call the Raymond Baptist Church at 895-2859 or visit the website at




































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