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Custom Decorated Apparel And Logos Featured At Sweatshirts Etc.
By Cheryl Killam and Nicole Lee 3-4-13


For 20 years, Sweatshirts Etc. has been providing custom decorated apparel for local clubs, teams, businesses, organizations and family reunions.  In addition to clothing, it also sells a variety of promotional items that include pens, sticky pads, water bottles, golf balls, calendars, lunch bags and office items for meetings and events.

After purchasing Sweatshirts Etc., husband and wife Ryder and Melissa Audette ran the business together. For the past 10 years, Ryder, who has a background in commercial design and illustration, has run the business himself while Melissa works as an executive assistant for another company.

Dale and Betty Jackson were Sweatshirts Etc.’s previous owners. When Ryder Audette learned the Jacksons were retiring, he decided to buy the business. He had been designing medical toolboxes for a local medical company, and said the transition from toolboxes to T-shirts was an easy one.

On April 2, 2002, Sweatshirts Etc. re-opened its doors in Cozy Corner under the Audettes’ ownership.  After discontinuing retail sales in 2009, they moved the business to its current location at 64 Freetown Road, in the Riverbend Market plaza.

Ryder Audette said he wanted a smaller storefront where he could handle transactions and completed orders. Inside the shop are examples of apparel designs hung on the walls, as well as a display of business cards from customers and a plaque declaring Sweatshirts Etc. the "2011 Small Business of the Year" of the Greater Raymond Area Chamber of Commerce.


      Recently, Danley Demolitions, one of Ryder’s customers, was featured on a National Geographic reality show, “Bid and Destroy.” The demolition company needed hats and sweatshirts for the show, and Audette provided them.

Audette said he will often consult with customers in the shop to help them design a logo and show them how it would appear on the product they wish to purchase. He has helped many business customers sharpen up their current design or create a new design for their logo.


His work can range from a single customized piece up to a thousand pieces and more.

 Sweatshirts Etc. products are worn by many organizations in the community, including the American Legion, local basketball teams, the Raymond Recreation Program, the Raymond High School Interact Club, and the Raymond Rotary Area Club.

     Sweatshirts Etc is located at 64 Freetown Road in Raymond. Visit online at or call 895-0800. Mention this article with your next purchase to receive 10 percent off the total price of apparel orders through March 31, 2013.  












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