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Custom Cabinets are ‘Artwork for the Home’ at Northeast Woodworking
By Penny Williams    2-16-14

There’s a world of difference between cabinets that come off an assembly line to land on the shelf in a big box store, and handcrafted, custom made cabinetry. There is also a misconception that custom cabinetry is much more expensive than what can be purchased off the shelf.

Warren Bain and his company, Northeast Woodworking Products in Raymond, demonstrate that world of difference, offering high quality products at a reasonable price.

Bain’s dedication to detail in his custom cabinets and woodworking sets his products apart from store-bought items. The difference lies in the materials Bain uses but even more in the fact that he considers his work as art.

He is first and foremost a craftsman, and each job is designed to reflect the wants of the customer, their lifestyle and the ambiance of their home - all missing in off the shelf cabinets bought in a big box store. And the difference is in the details.

Bain’s designs are also customized to ensure that when a customer walks into other homes, he or she will not see the same cabinetry.


Northeast Woodworking    Northeast Woodworking

The show room has a wide selection of wood, stain and paint choices.


Customers are welcome to visit Bain’s place of business, where they can look at the variety of materials available, or Bain will go to the customer’s home. His goal is to tailor the design of the cabinets, counter tops or flooring to reflect the purchaser’s taste, resulting in unique designs developed specifically for each job.

Bain also wants his creations to have the feel of old-fashioned handcrafted work, while at the same time using modern technological advances to make each product not only functional but cutting edge in style.


Northeast Woodworking   Northeast Woodworking

Kitchen cabinets and the drawers that slide into the bases.


Bain, who lives in Barnstead, started out building homes with his father, and found the aspect of the work that he liked best was the cabinetry.

“We do mostly kitchens but we do all types of cabinets and built-ins,” Bain said. “Richard Dubois and I started this business almost 20 years ago, and our goal was and remains to provide our customers with a great product for a fair price, and to do that while giving great customer service.”

Dubois has retired but Bain continues to operate and grow the business, located at 24 Old Manchester Road in an unassuming building on a quiet street. Bain said much of his business is repeat custom cabinetry. He also sells and installs flooring from Good Fellow, Monte Bellow, and Somerset, and his cabinets are made with 3/4-inch material, never with particleboard.


Northeast Woodworking   Northeast Woodworking

Living room shelves and bathroom vanities for two rooms.


“I think the part of this business that appeals to me most is keeping customers happy with a new kitchen or built-in cabinets,” he said. “I enjoy making a piece of furniture for customers that is artwork for their home. Working closely with customers is critical to making them happy. It is the personal touches we put into our cabinets and the fact that our cabinets are stronger, more functional, and individually designed, that sets them apart from cabinets bought off the shelf. Details make the difference in the materials, the style, the workmanship and the functionality.

“One of the pluses for customers is they are working directly with us and getting the products directly from us, whereas at the big box store, they look at a sample and then the store has to go to their supplier for the product,” he said.


Northeast Woodworking   Northeast Woodworking

Ken MacNeilly, attaching vanity doors, has been a woodworker for 15 years.


He noted that because his cabinets are custom made, adjustments can also be made down the road – the personal touch at work once again.

Customers generally bring their plans to Bain, who works with them to develop and select a design, a paint or stain, type of wood, hardware and counter tops.

Northeast Woodworking   Northeast Woodworking

Stephen Sarcione, ripping boards in the shop, has been with Northeast Woodworking for 5 years, while Jessie Lafayette, sanding, is a new employee.


Bain regards his work as both craft and art. His dedication to detail, and his determination to build a product that not only accomplishes what his customer wants but does so in a decorative way that enhances the entire home, are key to the finished work.

Customers interested in discussing what Northeast Woodworking can do for them should contact Bain at his place of business in Raymond or by calling him at 895-4271. Visit his website at


Northeast Woodworking    Northeast Woodworking







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