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Hair of the Dog Grooming Paw-lor Opens in Raymond
Submitted by Melissa Eckert 10-8-13

Hair of the Dog Grooming Paw-lor, a different breed of groomer is now open in Raymond. At the new Paw-lor, your dog’s comfort and happiness comes above all else. They cater to the individual needs of each and every dog that walks through their door. “We believe every dog should have a groomer they can be happy to go see!” says the new owner, Melissa.

Melissa Eckert is a certified professional dog groomer and has been grooming along the seacoast of New Hampshire for over 8 years. Her passion and genuine love for all things furry really shows. She enjoys not only grooming the dogs, but ensuring that each dog has the best experience they could ever possibly have with a groomer. She believes in earning the dogs trust and forms a personal bond with each dog that comes to her.

“I like to groom by appointment, which means your dog is only here with me for 2-3 hours, sometimes less.” said Melissa. “ I find booking appointments this way is easier on my canine clients and provides a calm, quiet and relaxed atmosphere for them. My goal is to provide a quality full service grooming for your dog while ensuring that they have more than a positive experience during the process.”

A full groom includes 2 baths with all natural high quality shampoo customized for your individual dog’s needs, hand drying, cut to breed standards or owners requests, nails trimmed and dremeled, ears plucked and cleaned, anal glands expressed and anything else the owner may want to add. You can also add some creative services to your dog’s spa day and get some color added to tails or ears, get a feather extension or get creative with your dog’s hair cut! “We like to have fun here. That’s what it’s all about.” Melissa says.

Melissa enjoys taking on dogs that may have had a less than positive grooming experience elsewhere in the past. She will work with them and do whatever is necessary to earn their trust and show them that grooming is a wonderful thing! She will get to the root of the issue and find a positive way to resolve it. This is what makes Hair of the Dog Grooming Paw-lor a groomer of a different breed.

Hair of the Dog Grooming Paw-lor is conveniently located in the lower level of the Raymond Animal Hospital at 169-B Route 27, Raymond, NH 03077.

Melissa can be reached at 603-244-1887. You can check out her work on her facebook page at Please feel free to stop on in and say Hello!  

Hair of The Dog Grooming Paw-lor -"A different breed of groomer"








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