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Goodheart Media Helps Preserve Your Memories
By Max Sullivan 7-8-13

By the start of the new millennium, Marc Vadeboncoeur was tired of his work with large audio/video companies. It was about time, he felt, to finally launch his own business and find a niche for himself. The name was derived from his last name, Vadeboncoeur which translates into "go with good heart" in french.

In 2002, he founded it, giving people a place to put their memories on DVD.
Vadeboncoeur’s baby, Goodheart Media has been running for the past 11 years, serving Raymond and its surrounding communities as one of the few options to easily convert VHS cassettes to DVD.

People with recordings of memories they’d like to take with them into the 21st century, where the VCR is a thing of the past, can bring in their cassettes with movies of family dinners, Christmas mornings, weddings and any other type of event or happening that holds value in their lives.

Goodheart media initially began doing video work for events and local businesses. For a while, weddings and corporate work appeared to be the direction for the new business, but the gigs were far too monotonous. "Every wedding looks exactly the same", Vadeboncoeur said. It just wasn’t for him.

“My original concept was to do corporate videos and weddings,” Vadeboncoeur said.“I found out really quickly that I didn’t enjoy doing that, so I quit doing weddings.”

Instead, Vadeboncoeur noticed a consistent demand for audio and video transfer services. Goodheart didn’t offer this service specifically, but Vadeboncoeur was being approached by customers about VHS tapes, records and other outdated forms of media, hoping that he’d be able to put them on DVD or CD.

“When I started, DVD’s were just becoming really popular,”Vadeboncoeur said.“I wasn’t even advertising for it, but people were starting to ask, ‘I have this tape, can you put it on DVD?’ So we started adding the transfer service as sort of a side project.”



The Raymond media center, opened on April 1, 2011 and has done well since opening, having a steady climb in business excluding one dip in 2012 when the economy went under across the globe. Goodheart Media managed to recover from this, though, and since then have picked up where they left off.

Initially, Goodheart ran their business out of their home in Raymond. Most of the media businesses that Vadeboncoeur was familiar with did this as well, as a store front wasn’t necessary to attract customers. Many people looking for these types of services find what their looking for online, not from a sign on the road.

Eventually, though, Vadeboncoeur decided to open up a store front business. He figured, in spite of the cost of rent, a recognizable media shop with potential customers passing by in their cars was even more likely to help their customer base grow.

Today, they remain Raymond’s main stop for those looking to relive their memories from the past and unlock them from their outdated VHS tapes. On the monitors against Goodheart Media’s walls in the back, recordings of Christmas mornings, weddings and vacations can be seen as they are transferred to DVD. It’s a service, Vadeboncoeur said, that people will always have a need for, at least in the near future.

“That’s something that’s generic across the board. Everyone’s got a video tape or something that they can’t play or listen to anymore because they don’t have the machine,” Vadeboncoeur said.“I have plenty of people coming in saying they’ve been putting it off for years… then they finally come in and they want a transfer so they can see it again.”

Goodheart Media is located at 171 Route 27, Raymond, NH  03077.

Contact Marc or Jill Vadeboncoeur - Owner, Goodheart Media Services

Phone: 603-206-4364 / 888-408-2365 or email:

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