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Dippity Do Dog Mobile Pet Spa Reduces Pet Stress
By Catherine Morris 1-8-14

A bright yellow trailer sits at the ready in front of Jessica Neskey’s home in Raymond.   The trailer houses a miniature dog spa, Dippity Do Dog Mobile Pet Spa, Neskey’s business. With her trailer, Neskey journeys to pay house calls to clients and pets. 

After entering the grooming business in 2007, Neskey worked at the Groomtown Pet Boutique and Spa in North Andover, MA, and the Fremont Animal Hospital. In 2012, Neskey opened up her mobile spa. “I feel pets should be treated as if they were our own. They should be reassured and praised during the grooming process while providing a calm and relaxing environment,” said Neskey.

Inside her spa, in addition to washing, conditioning, and treating skin problems, Neskey pampers pets with a blueberry conditioning facial masque. She brushes their coats, cleans their teeth and ears, clips their nails, and styles their fur depending on the breed and owner’s preference.



Dudley loving the towel rub.

In a traditional grooming salon, dogs are kept in cages waiting their turn to be groomed. The barking of other dogs and even the experience of being caged itself can be hard on pets. Pets also sometimes pick up fleas or illnesses in the close confines of the salon setting.


Neskey’s mobile spa eliminates this stress. Neskey cares for pets in their own driveway within sight of their home. “It cuts the back and forth for the client, too, so they don’t have to go to the trouble of dropping their pet off and picking them up after,” she said.

The furthest Neskey has traveled is Sanbornton, although she no longer goes that far. All of  Neskey’s 224 regular customers are within a twenty-mile radius of her home in Raymond.


Clients are drawn to Dippity Do Dog for the meticulous care Neskey gives to each animal. She individualizes her treatment depending on the animal’s need. Dogs, explained Neskey, absorb wheat and allergens in shampoos through their skin. Only one of her shampoos is Hypo-allergenic however they are all wheat-free, gluten-free and paraben-free and she makes sure to have a diverse range of products on hand to attend to any and all pets’ needs. Neskey is willing to work with cats, too, especially Persians or the more malleable breeds.

Neskey’s pet care knowledge comes from years of experience, schooling and an apprenticeship under a seasoned groomer. “Grooming takes great skill and knowledge. There is more to grooming than just washing and drying a dog or cat. There is knowledge of breed standards, coat types and identifying skin and coat conditions that a pet parent may or may not be aware of,” said Neskey.

As Neskey, a Certified Pet Stylist, describes her days on the road caring for pets, it’s clear that she brings lots of enthusiasm and an extra level of passion to her profession. She attends grooming expositions and seminars regularly and is always looking for the latest trends and tips in styling and caring for dogs.

Erica Murphy of Manchester first heard about Neskey’s business through a friend’s Facebook post. Previously, Murphy had driven an hour to get her golden retriever, Daisy, and her cat, Nala, groomed. “Just for convenience sake, I thought we should try [Dippity Do Dog]. Saving the half hour of meowing loudly, both ways, was appealing to me,” she said.



Daisy the golden retriever

Murphy is a loyal customer now and has referred several of her friends to Dippity Do Dog. “Whenever she pulls up with her big yellow trailer, the dog gets really excited and starts wagging her tail,” said Murphy. “She’s good about listening to what the pet owner wants, having a discussion with you before she takes the pet into the mobile pet spa and does the grooming.”

Neskey grooms Mondays through Saturdays. Her Saturday appointments are booked out for about eight weeks, and her weekday appointments for about four weeks in advance, depending on the town. Her rates depend on the kind of care each pet requires. Gift certificates are always available.



Call to inquire at 568-3920, or send her an email at

Her website and further information can be found at





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