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For Peace of Mind, Call A Step Up Bookkeeping
By Penny Williams    2-6-14

The Achilles heel of many small businesses is bookkeeping. Far too many small businesses use the “shoebox” method, rather than hiring a professional bookkeeping service. is Debbie Moulton’s A Step Up Bookkeeping Services, LLC., can step in to fill the bill.

Moulton’s professional, caring, down-to-earth way of doing business and her ability to build comfortable, secure relationships with her clients bring peace of mind as well as address bookkeeping concerns.

A Step Up Bookkeeping Services, LLC, located at 285 Calef Highway, Suite 12A (Route 125) in Epping is owned and run by Debbie Moulton. Her company is dedicated to providing small and medium sized businesses with services that give the business owner peace of mind. Moulton’s mantra is, “Take A Step Up from your Bookkeeping Worries.”

Making sure the financial end of a business is properly handled will give the business owner a better relationship with customers and add a more professional image, Moulton said, and that’s part of the services Moulton offers.

Moulton got her start working for H and R Block tax service, where she saw many small business owners come in for their tax preparation with much of their information literally in shoe boxes. She recognized that many small and medium businesses had a need for professional bookkeeping services, and A Step Up Bookkeeping was born.

Moulton no longer does taxes, but has her clients’ information ready for their tax preparer.

Moulton took QuickBooks courses and said she is one of a handful in the state with Advanced QuickBooks Certification. Her company offers bookkeeping, payroll, and, QuickBooks setup and training services.

She offers monthly packages, but has some clients with whom she works on a weekly basis.

“I work with a diverse group of clients, providing a wide range of personal business services,” Moulton said. “I get things to fit together for my clients with reports and organizing their financial business so they can better run their business. I enjoy the work and particularly enjoy the challenge of making sure I have all the information I need to complete all the client needs. It is hard for many small and medium sized business owners to have the time and the expertise to get all the documents, paperwork and data needed to properly run their business. That is what I provide.”

A Step Up Bookkeeping does data entry for the client’s inflow and outflow and provides comprehensive reports. It can also take care of invoices and bill payments, and do payable and receivable tracking.


A Stepup Bookkeeping

“What I give the client amounts to peace of mind,” she said. “People call when they are stressed, and I go in and we organize and work on their situation and give that business owner peace of mind. My clients say I come in with my purple cape and everything is solved.”

The businesses she provides her services for can be as small as a single owner with no employees, to up to 20 employees. She provides her services to both for-profit and non-profit businesses, and meets clients where they feel most comfortable, either at their office or her own.


She has four employees. “We do whatever works for the client,” she said. “We have a guarantee that if you aren’t happy with our services, you do not have to pay. I think that guarantee adds to our client’s peace of mind” 

Moulton lists several reasons for outsourcing bookkeeping, with peace of mind at the top of the list. Knowing the state of a business’s financial condition at all times is critical to the owner, she said, as it allows them the chance to understand their cash flow and enables them to. make better business decisions And she noted that well organized records allow business owners to maximize their tax deductions.

For additional information and an introduction to Moulton, her company and how she operates, go to and view her video. Moulton and A Step Up Bookkeeping can be reached at 679-2022 or by email at






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