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Scott's Barbershop in Raymond Open Under New Ownership
By Penny Williams 4-13-15

Raymond's only barbershop closed in July but it wasn't gone for long. Dan Brogna had already snapped it up, and reopened it for business after the building's owner finished doing improvements.

Brogna opened his door on Monday, March 9, after waiting for almost eight months for the work to be completed.

Brogna, who lives in Fremont, has been working for Jim's Barbershop in Exeter. He previously lived in Raymond, and while he lived in town, he said he always had his hair cut at Scott's Barbershop.

"It is really nice to do your own thing and be your own boss," he said. "This is a nice way to work into retirement, and Raymond is a nice town with really nice people. It has a hometown feel to it and I am pleased to have the chance to take over this shop."

Brogna said he had decided before he opened that if he had two to three customers a day through March, he would be satisfied, and things have been going just as anticipated.

"By summer I should have plenty of customers," he said. "I have not reached out to the schools or to sports teams at this point, nor have I done any advertising. I've been passing out my business cards and depending on word of mouth until people find me. There isn't another barbershop in town, so people have to go to Epping or Exeter since Scott's closed in July. People get used to their barber and don't want to change, but slowly people are finding that Scott's is open under new management and coming in."


Scott's Barbershop

Dan Brogna trimming long time resident Mike's beard

"I am thinking about trying to add some evening hours down the road and I am exploring trying to find someone who wants to work part time and do the evening hours," he said. "Once I get better established I will probably add those evening hours to make it more convenient for customers.

"I've done lots of different things over the course of my life - before finishing my apprenticeship and training and working for others as a barber, I had a coffee truck out of Portsmouth,” Brogna said. “But I enjoy being a barber and getting to know the people in town, and I believe this is a good business to take me to retirement.”

Brogna said people can contact him at the same number Scott's Barbershop has always had, 895-3505, or by cell phone at 793-3712. People can also reach him by email at But he hopes people will just stop by and introduce themselves. The shop is in downtown Raymond at 67 Main St.

Brogna said he will offer anyone who mentions having read this article in the Raymond Area News a $4 discount.

Barbershop hours are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays.

Scott's Barbershop





























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