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The Right Answer In A Disaster Is Reliable Restoration and Recovery
By Penny Williams   7-7-14

Facing a disaster is a stressful, frightening and often discouraging time, but there is help out there. R R & R, Reliable Restoration and Recovery in Epping, handles fire, smoke, water, storm, or mold damage. And the other half of the company, under the same ownership and management, is CSNH, Construction Services of New Hampshire, skilled in providing any necessary repairs.

This is an experienced, full service Disaster Recovery Specialist, which, because it is has two divisions, is prepared to deal with whatever disaster has struck. And it’s a company that cares.

President Denis Cloutier and General Manager Dennis Cushing say their first responsibility is to give their customer as much peace of mind as possible by providing immediate attention and delivering as much reassurance and assistance as possible to alleviate stress. R R & R provides a quick response for stabilization and cleaning up whatever requires restoration; then CSNH can come in and do necessary repairs.

Cloutier explained, “the customer has the choice of using their own contractor for any repairs or rebuilding, but if they want us to handle it, we are prepared to do the whole job. We are one team with two separate divisions, providing hand-in-hand full service. We like to do as much as possible for the customer. It is a stressful situation for them, and our priority is to put them at ease and to work through the situation with them day by day.

“We want the customer to know that someone really cares about what they’re going through, and it is important to us to establish a relationship of trust that lets the customer understand we’ll bring them through the complete cycle, helping them every step of the way,” he added.

The company has been in Epping since 2009, when it moved to its present location at 333 Pleasant St. It previously was in Bedford for a decade.

“We moved here because we needed more space, but also we wanted to be in the center of the universe and this is it, with the tremendous network of roads that serve this location,” said Cloutier. “Having this network of major roadways is critical because when a disaster strikes, a rapid response is key.”

Cushing said that being ready to respond 24/7, 365 days a year, is the way the company operates. The busy season covers the cold months from September to April and so far, they said, this has been a record-breaking year for the company.

“When the office is closed, one of us is available to take calls because people need answers right away,” Cushing added. “We have all calls forwarded to a live individual when the office closes. This allows us to speak to the customer right away and to initiate the response team immediately. We will be on site within two hours, guaranteed.”

The company is Green Risk Certified, an added benefit for customers. They said it is the only restoration and repair company so certified in New Hampshire. It allows them to offer an environmentally friendly service and to provide green construction if the customer wishes to go that way, with highly energy efficient and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) construction.

“What sets us apart from other companies doing similar business is we believe in treating every customer the same, regardless of the size or type of disaster,” Cloutier said. “It is important to treat every customer with respect and dignity and to let them know we understand our job is to help make the victim of a disaster whole again. We are a family company and we have layers of family working throughout the company.

“Our employees are chosen for their high quality professional skills and for their moral and ethical outlook and attitude,” he added. “We all strive to be the best and to do it consistently. We make sure that every employee is a good fit for the company, and most of our employees have been with us for 15 years.”

Cushing noted that like their employees, the insurance companies they work with have for the most part been with them for 15 or more years, along with many of their vendors.

“And that is not the average in this industry,” Cushing said. “We belong to professional corporate associations and quite a few of our technicians are certified. We encourage continuous training. We send our people to classes and do training in-house on a monthly basis.”

If you have the misfortune to suffer a disaster and need restoration, repair and reconstruction services, this is the company to call.

For more information, call 583-3635  or 877-986-3777.




















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