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Letter To DeMoulas From MA and NH Attorney General Offices
NH AG Press Release    8-1-14



                                                           July 31, 2014

Keith O. Cowan, Chair
  James Gooch, Co-Chief Executive
   Felicia Thorton, Co-Chief Executive
  DeMoulas Super Markets Inc.
  875 East Street
 Tewksbury, MA 01876

Dear Messrs. Cowan and Gooch and Ms. Thorton:

We write to you as the chief law enforcement officers of our respective states, which includes our duty to protect the rights of workers under Massachusetts and New Hampshire law. We are keenly aware of recent reports that Market Basket has terminated a number of employees and of reports today that more workers may face termination and replacement in the coming days.

As a threshold matter, we urge Market Basket to be mindful of the fact that its decisions have broad implications. Your decisions of course directly impact thousands of employees and thousands of customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Those decisions also have serious implications for the many small businesses that supply your stores or otherwise rely on a close business relationship with Market Basket for their livelihood. Please keep all of these impacted persons in mind as you chart the course for Market Basket.

In addition, we have received an uptick of calls from Market Basket’s employees, many of whom are concerned about their rights under the law. Among our duties as Attorney General is to protect the rights of workers under chapters 149 and 151 of the Massachusetts General Laws (the “Massachusetts Wage and Hour Law”) and New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated chapters 275, 275-A, and 275-F. These laws ensure timely payment of all wages and protect other workplace rights. We wish to remind you of your company’s obligations to workers whose employment may be terminated, whether or not a result of any restructuring or reorganization:

• Any Massachusetts worker whose employment is terminated must be paid all wages that are due, on the final day of employment. An employer may not pay those wages due in the next biweekly check for the pay period in which terminatioccurs. The wages due must be paid on that final day, no matter where that falls inthe pay period.

• Any New Hampshire worker whose employment is terminated must be paid all wages that are due within 72 hours of the discharge.

• The wages due include any bonuses, earned sick time, holiday or vacation pay and benefit plan contributions due under any written or oral agreement.

• Wages due may, in proper circumstances, include commissions earned by the employee as of the date of termination.

An employer who violates these or any other protections provided to workers under chapter 149 and 151 of the General Laws faces criminal or civil penalties by the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division, and a potential civil suit by the individual workers for treble damages, attorneys’ fees and costs of suit. Similarly, an employer who violates these or any other protections provided under New Hampshire labor laws, may also face such penalties.

Whatever decisions you make in the coming days, needless to say our offices expect and will require compliance with our respective laws.

Martha Coakley
Massachusetts Attorney General

Joseph Foster
New Hampshire Attorney General

Not All Epping Market Basket Shelves Are Empty
By Cheryl Killam 7-22-14

Employees were standing in the median of route 125 Epping on Tuesday, July 22 asking drivers to honk if they support re-instating Arthur T. Demoulas as CEO of Market Basket. Horns were honking loudly as cars drove from all directions through the intersection of Brickyard Square.


Market Basket

Employees on the route 125 median strip

"We have not received any perishables including produce, chicken, red meat or fish since last Thursday, July 17th," said Assistant Manager Eric Beaulieu.


Market Basket

Running out of Chicken


Market Basket

No red meat in the refrigerators


"None of our employees have walked off the job," he said. "We support our customers completely. We realize we are disrupting their shopping this week, but we will continue to give them the same customer service that they are used to."

"We don't use loyalty cards and our prices are always the lowest on a regular basis. " he added. "Other stores have to lower their prices to compete with us. Hopefully this ends soon. "


Market Basket

Samantha Potvin, Jack Reid, Corey Eldridge and Liam Johnston


Market Basket

Cole Davis


Beaulieu said all of the company leaders were fired Sunday night so there is no leadership in place at the top. Everyone holding signs are doing so on their lunch time or days off and their family members are joining them.


One employee was cleaning the meat aisle freezers and said, "it will be nice and clean just like a grand opening when we get done."


Market Basket

No customers at the cash registers


The aisles may be missing shoppers but the shelves have plenty of dairy products, dry goods, sodas, flowers, paper products, personal hygiene products, and candy and the bakery is working as usual.


Market Basket

Fish counter is empty


Market Basket

Salad greens counter is completely empty


Market Basket

Fruit is running low


Market Basket

More empty vegetable counters





















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