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J.A.M.B.S. Jewelry For That Special Someone In Your Life
By Penny Williams   5-08-14

What began as an online venture driven by a love of jewelry has turned into J.A.M.B.S. Jewelry, a brick and mortar store at the Raymond Shopping Center off Freetown Road in Raymond.

Principal Managing Partner Mark Desrochers still maintains the online end of the business, but the jewelry store itself offers an impressive product line, wrapped up in a friendly and helpful customer service attitude.

Desrochers opened his store in Raymond in March 2010, during the economic downturn.

“Our online venture was feeling the effects of the downturn,” he said. “At this point, I felt the business needed a full turnaround, hence, the retail store opening, which would give us more opportunities to work directly with people in the community, offer services that are harder to sell online, and offer a larger merchandise selection based on what customers would be looking for.”



Wide selection of engagement rings


He started his jewelry business a decade ago while living in Pennsylvania and working part time, doing a lot of online buying himself. It occurred to him that there was money to be made in an online business and because he had always loved jewelry, he decided that was where he would tap into the online potential.

“I began building a website and spent the next two weeks pondering what to sell,” he said.  “Scrolling through pages and pages of wholesalers and ideas, I finally decided that jewelry was the winner. Besides, I loved jewelry anyway, so what would be to lose?

This set the beginning stages of selling on eBay and opening a Yahoo! store. The new business was quick to get off the ground and the model worked very well over the next several years. We moved to New Hampshire in 2003, and decided to place new resources into the business in 2007, hiring three employees and greatly expanding the merchandise selection to more than just jewelry items.”

Desrochers is enthusiastic about what his business has to offer his customers today.



Wedding Bands in every size


“Our day-to-day merchandise collection consists of a fine line of .925 sterling silver merchandise, with many pieces made locally in Vermont, while others are from Thailand, Ireland, etc.,” he said. “The collection includes chains, earrings, rings, gemstone pieces, sets and more. We stock a selection of 10k and 14k gold items in the store as well. We offer a small selection of watches and watchbands.

Recently, we added a new gemstone and diamond case, where our customer can choose their own stones to be placed in their choice of settings. And we have a line of fine diamonds and engagement rings and wedding bands.



Loose diamonds in different sizes


“Since opening in 2010, we have always included a few sections in our shop for local jewelry designers to sell,” he added. “These groups of designers showcase earrings, necklaces, sets, and other fun jewelry items.”

The shop also offers a variety of services for customers, including: jewelry and watch repair, watch battery replacement, in-store customer design, engraving, bead re-stringing, precious stone setting, prong work, professional jewelry appraisals, cash for gold and silver jewelry and coins, pawn services, and financing options. Those interested in selling their gold and silver jewelry may also visit J.A.M.B.S’ cash for gold website at



Additional jewelry and gift choices


Desrochers said customers should consider shopping at J.A.M.B.S. Jewelry not only for the variety of products available but also for the service provided.

“We offer high-end customer service without all the added pressure of walking into those mall chain stores,” he said. “We have always, and will always, stand behind the merchandise we sell. We offer competitive pricing and display a wide selection of price points. Like other large retailers, we offer interest-free in-store financing programs and lay-away options.”



Gemstones in all sorts of colors


The jeweler offers a variety of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, including a tanzanite pendant on a sterling silver chain with matching bracelets and rings. “Our Reflection Beads for Mom’s charm bracelet are a hit; mother’s charms, pendants and necklaces are good ideas as well,” he said. “Our Silver Forest earring collection offers some nice style, as does our large assortment of silver gemstone rings. We offer a wide selection of family jewelry, featuring mother’s rings, pendants, charms and earrings.”


For items not available in the store, J.A.M.B.S. has an assortment of products in its catalogs, with all in-stock items available for next day delivery to the shop. “We also offer a wide variety of fine jewelry in our estate cases,” Desrochers said.



J.A.M.B.S. new design center


“Last month we invested in bringing in new software that allows us to custom design jewelry, either free-hand or from using thousands of templates available in the system,” he said. “Once our customer approves the design, we can have the finished product in-store within 10 days. Store personnel have barely been trained on this software yet, and we’ve already created multiple designs.

The other half of J.A.M.B.S. Jewelers is Anthony Baker, “my other half, my business partner," said Desrochers. "We both initially invested together, but I run the day-to-day operation of the business and am responsible for its health and overall success.



Handbags in a variety of styles and colors


“Initially, we started out as just M&A Products,” he added. “When we established in New Hampshire, we renamed it to a partnership, Jambs, M&A Products, LLP through the state. Our store name is J.A.M.B.S. Jewelry – J.A.M.B.S. as initials. The initials represent the family members’ names: James, Anthony, Mark, Brayden, Sunshine. James and Brayden are our sons and Sunshine is the dog!”



Gifts for the guy in your life


 “We want to be your local jeweler,” Desrochers concluded. “At J.A.M.B.S. Jewelry, you’re not just a number, you’re a valued customer, and you’ll know it.



Mark Desrochers of J.A.M.B.S. Jewelry

The shop is conveniently located just off Route 101 at Exit 5. Online options are available at: Phone 244-3680 or toll free at (877) 438-6086.



















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