Chris Pappas for US Congress

Oct. 13, 2018

To the editor:

We’re coming down to the wire on what many New Hampshire voters feel is one
of the most important elections of our lifetimes. I am heartened that so
many of my fellow citizens are engaged and hope that translates into a
record turnout on November 6th.

An overwhelming number of issues are at stake. I’d like to focus on one
that may not get enough attention: women’s health and a woman’s
fundamental need to control her reproductive life.

For those of us in the First Congressional district, the choice couldn’t be
clearer. As a state representative, Chris Pappas has long shown his
commitment to women’s health. He has promoted women’s access to family
planning services. He has fought against attempts to deny working women
access to health plan coverage of contraceptives. He has opposed gag rules
that prevent free access to family planning information and services in our
country and around the world.

A better future is one in which half our population can obtain medical help
and information, allowing them to thrive and prosper. I urge my fellow
citizens to cast their vote for Chris Pappas.


Jean Knox, Center Sandwich, NH

Oct. 12, 2018

To the editor:

Congressional Candidate Chris Pappas will work to ensure quality,
affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans. While Pappas promises to
work against efforts to repeal or weaken the Affordable Care Act (ACA,
“Obamacare”), Eddie Edwards vows to repeal the ACA.

In addition to his commitment to the ACA, Pappas pledges to support
legislation allowing individuals and businesses to opt into the Medicare
system; a public option for healthcare exchanges; efforts to lower the cost
of prescription drugs by ending special tax breaks for pharmaceutical
companies, by allowing Americans to purchase drugs purchases from Canada
and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices. ACA coverage of mental
health issues is particularly important to my family.

Edwards wants to replace the ACA with a plan offering greater consumer
choice. How many people want a choice when they have a broken leg or a
child needing treatment for meningitis?

Chris Pappas has concrete proposals to protect, expand, and improve access
to healthcare for my family and all Americans. Please join me in voting
for Pappas on November 6.

Starr Hope, Moultonborough, NH

Oct. 11, 2018

To the editor:

Chris Pappas, candidate for Congress in District 1, has something in common
with a Nobel Prize winner and thousands of scientists: He believes that
climate change is a threat to human existence and wants to do something
about it. His opponent, Eddie Edwards, has been notably silent on the

One of this year’s winners of the Economics Nobel Prize, William Nordhaus,
is being honored for his contributions to understanding the financial costs
of uncontrolled climate change and suggesting affordable ways to limit its
worst effects. On the day his award was announced, the UN panel on Climate
Change released an updated report calling for a crash program to address
this unprecedented World emergency.

Chris Pappas, along with these two notable examples, takes climate change
seriously. He has called climate change an “existential threat” to New
Hampshire’s economy and way of life. He has promised to promote reducing
greenhouse gas emissions through regulations such as increased mileage
standards for vehicles and economic stimulus packages that encourage
job-creating investment in renewable energy.

Voters in NH Congressional District 1 have a clear choice between
supporting attempts to address threats affecting all of us now that will
only worsen for our children and grandchildren. Or doing nothing. I’m
opting to support Chris Pappas’ efforts and I hope you will join me in
voting for him on November 6.

Ron Lawler, Sandwich

Aug. 27, 2018

To the editor:

Chris Pappas is the best choice for U.S. Congress

We urge every Democrat, every Independent, and even Republicans to vote for
Chris Pappas in the upcoming Democratic primary. Chris is a true statesman
with a devotion to public service, something we find too little of in Washington these days.

Chris is very bright. He listens. He understands all sides of an issue. He makes decisions. And he acts. And his decisions and actions are ones which benefit most people in New Hampshire. He is also pure New Hampshire and will represent all the residents of New Hampshire vigorously.

He is running because he truly wants to serve the residents of New Hampshire, not himself like too many other candidates who are attracted to the power of the office and the high paying lobbying jobs afterwards. Compare him to candidates who move to New Hampshire because of the opportunity of an open slot. Not Chris. We will say it again, he is pure New Hampshire.

Dave and Missie Schroeder
Bedford, NH























"He that loseth his honesty hath nothing else to lose."
~ John Lyly ~

"Any man, more right than  his neighbor, constitutes a majority of one." 
-- Henry David Thoreau