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August 8, 2014

The Town of Raymond has hired Municipal Resources Inc. (MRI) to measure and list all residential properties in Town.

This project will be spread out over a 4 year period and will involve approximately 800 - 1,000 properties per year. The last time that properties have been visited on a town wide basis was in conjunction with the 2000 revaluation.

MRI, Inc. will be inspecting the interior and exterior of all homes. They will also check the measurements of all dwellings, outbuildings and pools. MRI personnel will not be setting new values but will only be collecting data and verifying that the data that the town presently has on file is accurate.

Should you not be home after 2 attempts to inspect your property MRI, Inc. will leave a door hanger asking you to call to make an appointment through the Assessor’s Office.

Please note that it is in the best interest of all involved that MRI, Inc. be allowed an interior inspection of the property. Without an interior inspection the data will have to be estimated and that is never a good procedure for either party.

MRI personnel will begin the second phase of this project in the Lane Road area working their way to the Bald Hill Road area along with the neighboring areas neighborhoods.

Updates will be issued periodically as MRI, Inc. move into other neighborhoods in Town. MRI, Inc. listers will be carrying picture identification and all homeowners should request to see their identification.

Any questions should be directed to the Assessors’ office by calling 895-4735 Ext. 102










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