How To Help Tenants of Sunview Apartment Fire, Raymond, NH

Would you like to help the Tenants of the Sunview Apartment Fire that happened on Monday, February 8, 2021?

This will be a long process to help get these people back to some form of normalcy and it would be wonderful if we can provide support for some time going forward while they try to rebuild their lives.


Assorted clothing and footwear donations are available at the Raymond High School for people to take for free.

At this time, they are not taking anymore items.


The Town Office is creating a list of tenants to match what they need with what is being donated and available .

Please email:
Michelle Weaver (Recreation Director) at or
Denise O'Grady (Welfare Dir.) at

with the items you want to donate. Cribs, furniture, small kitchen appliances,pet crates or supplies, laptops, ipads etc. They will match the items donated with what the families need on the list.

Gift cards from local businesses can be dropped off at Recreation or Public Works at the town office.

If ANYONE has an apartment available for rent contact Michelle or Denise to let them know. .


Gift Cards - are the best way to let these people decide what they NEED to buy now. ANY general gift card that can be used for food, gas or any items below is very helpful.

For Food - Gift Cards to Hannaford, Walmart, McDonalds, Tuckaway Tavern, Pizza by George, Louie's Pizza, Supreme Pizza and other food establishments in town

For Clothing and Shoes - Ace Ben Franklin, Walmart, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohls, Target, Famous Footwear

For Medications - Hannafords Pharmacy, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS

For Pet Food and Supplies - Hannafords, Walmart, Pawtuckaway Pet, Ace Ben Franklin.

For Furniture - From Tina Bryant - For all the fire vicitms. Bob's Discount will give a $500 voucher to those familys who were displaced due to the fire. Go online to to get assistance.

For Laundry Services - From Erin Langford - If you need to wash and dry any new or salvaged items from the fire, send a Private Message in facebook to Langford's Laundromat to schedule an appointment. Ted will assist you.

Locked OUT of your Car ? - From Fred at TCB Towing - If your keys got lost in the fire and you need a tow to the dealer to get a new set of keys, Call Fred at 895-4664 or message him on facebook at Tcb Towing to schedule an appointment.

Need to Board Your Pet? - Call Christine at The Barking Dog in Exeter at 603-686-7208, they will shelter the animal(s) at no cost.


Disclaimer: Raymond Area News does not personally know any of these folks, nor does RAN take any responsibility for setting up or managing any of these Go-Fund-Me accounts.


To be added to the Go-Fund-Me list below email:


Go Fund Me Accounts taking Donations


Sunview Apartment Tenants Fire Go-Fund-Me Accounts Listed Below.


Click on links below to donate :

***** General Account to help Tenants setup by Erin LaSorsa

***** General Account setup by Kelsi Morasse


***** To Donate to Francine Leatham, Ralph Greeley and John Smart


***** To Donate to David and Monica Brown


***** To Donate to Sean Harriman and wife Salena


***** To Donate to Joss


***** To Donate to Holly Nye and Family


***** To Donate to Mark Turner


***** To Donate to Brian Merrill


****** To Donate to Lindsay Saunders, Dan Murphy, and family


***** To Donate to Kaitlyn McGaffigan


***** To Donate to Lee Miller


***** To Donate to Michael St. Jean and Family


***** To Donate to Norma Hamilton, Apt #1


***** To Donate to Betty Cox a School Bus Driver


***** To Donate to Stephanie Nickles and Kyle Vickers


***** To Donate to Jeff Curley and Fiance


Disclaimer: Raymond Area News does not personally know any of these folks, nor does RAN take any responsibility for setting up or managing any of these Go-Fund-Me accounts.


Southern New Hampshire Services
Raymond, NH

May also be able to help, Hours are Monday through Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the Raymond Food Pantry, 55 Prescott Rd.

If you are interested in helping others in your community, please contact Michelle at 603-474-3507 x 4911.














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